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How to Cope With Anxiety Associated With Moving

Couple with moving boxes.Very few things can trigger as much anxiety in a person as moving, whether you’re relocating a few blocks—or a few countries—away. Moving is, for most of us, one of the most stressful life events we ever face. The following are a few steps that a person can take in order to minimize the feelings of anxiety associated to moving.

Recognize That Moving Creates Anxiety

Some individuals feel anxiety over the fact that they feel anxiety because of their move. They may feel that a “normal” individual would be able to go through the move without feeling any sort of anxiety. Nothing could be further from the truth—moving typically prompts at least mild anxiety in everyone. This is completely normal, and is likely caused by an instinctual panic response to being temporarily without shelter. For most of us, there is nothing that can be done to completely and totally eliminate the stress. Instead of focusing on eliminating anxiety, focus on ways to manage your stress levels and set realistic expectations for yourself.

One of the reasons people feel anxiety prior to and during a move is because they feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. So why not start by breaking it down into reasonable projects? Make a physical list so you can check off tasks as you complete them. This will help you to maintain a level of control over the project, while at the same time feeling that you have accomplished something.

Avoid Procrastination at All Costs

When we feel anxiety about moving, we may respond by procrastinating. We may put arranging things for the move as far off into the future as we possibly can. However, this will only create more stress. There are two reasons why:

Firstly, all of the tasks associated with the move will always be in the back of your mind. You will know that you have to get things done and this will eat away at you and increase your anxiety. Second, when you finally do start the moving process, since everything is last minute, things will have to be rushed and this definitely increases the level of stress you have.

Instead of waiting until the last minute, get a storage unit or mobile storage container to hold belongings a month or two prior to the move. This way, little by little, you can sort through your belongings and determine which ones you will need and which ones can sit in storage.

Moving is unquestionably one of the most stressful events in life. There are countless uncertainties associated with it—by taking practical steps, however, you can minimize the stress associated with your move.

Author Bio: Emma is a freelance writer living in Boston. When not writing, she enjoys reading, baking, and indoor rock climbing. Informational Credit to Yellowhead Self Storage

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I would also venture to add that there is an uncertainty that causes stress during a move. It’s new, it’s a change, and it’s exciting (usually). As humans, we don’t always react well to ‘new’, especially if we are questioning our decision to move. Is it the right move? Will we be able to handle it financially? is this the right area or home for us? I’ve been through this dozens of times and every single time I find myself questioning myself. It all works out in the end, but it’s scary in the beginning. Great post!

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