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Can Changing These Change Your Life?

Woman happy after making a change to her perspectiveDid you know you have default settings that determine what shows up in your life and how you experience it?  For example, your experiences of health, wealth, and love are all shaped by preset assumptions that leave you open to certain experiences and closed to others.  In this post, we’ll explore what a default setting is and how you can change it to change your life for the better.

You’re probably familiar with default settings on your computer.  They come preset by the factory.  For example, your computer has default settings for screen resolution, font size, desktop background, and folders and directories to use for specific functions.  Interestingly, embedded in the definition of “default” is the idea that these settings can be changed by the user.  A higher level user can adjust a huge variety of settings on their computer to customize a better experience.

The same can be said for your life experiences.  In life, you come preloaded with certain default settings in your DNA and these are further defined by the beliefs of the culture and family you grow up in, the teachers you have, and the friends you keep.  These belief settings tell you what is real and possible for you.

Now, you can go through life on auto-pilot simply carrying out the life that is handed down to you by your default settings or you can set about customizing your experience and designing the life that you want to have.  This second option is what mind-body training is all about.  Mind-body training is about increasing self-awareness of your default settings and training yourself to let go of what you no longer desire and building what you would rather have instead.

For example, you may have grown up with your parents telling you that life is hard, that the economy is terrible, and that you can’t trust anyone.  After years of hearing that story, you get very good at looking at life through that lens.  As a result, you come to see life in the same way.  These are your default settings.  When you wake up in the morning and begin to experience life, you’ll find good evidence that life is hard, the economy is terrible, and you can’t trust anyone.  You perceive those things because you’ve been trained to look for evidence to support those points of view.

However, what if you wake up one day and decide that you’re sick and tired of struggling, not having enough, and mistrusting everyone you meet?  What if you decide to investigate other possibilities? What if you suddenly realize that the way you are looking at life is just one way amongst many alternative possibilities?  What if you wake up to the idea that “life is what you make of it and you’ll find whatever you’re looking for”?

What might happen to your life if you decided to take charge of your default settings?  What if you saw your life as a work of art that you can design in any way you desire?  If per chance that was possible, what difference would that make?  How would you choose to look at things?

Would you look for evidence that life is full of grace and fully supports you to be who you are meant to be?

Would you look for evidence that life always provides exactly what you need when you need it?

Would you be grateful for every opportunity you are given every day?

Would you love others because you realize that’s the best way to grow love in the world?

What are your default settings?  What do you believe?  Look at the results in your life and you’ll see a reflection of your current beliefs.

Now, if you were to consciously define your default settings, how would you choose to look at life?

What if you did that today?

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