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Body Image Secrets From Outer Space

appreciating body imageWhen you look in the mirror, are you less than happy with what you see?  If you do have a negative body image, you are not alone. But what if someone, from another galaxy, could remind us how marvelous our bodies really are? Someone who chose to inhabit not one human body, but 11 so far?

What if we had the perspective of Dr. Who? Would he have “secrets” to tell us?

Our bodies are an amazing and wondrous gift. It’s always fun to watch the Doctor take on a new form. He is apt to wrinkle his nose and wiggle his fingers as he tries out all the working parts. And he celebrates every inch of each new body that allows him to be alive.

Just hold your own hand out and look at it. Is there a better piece of engineering on the planet? One simple hand can do astounding things, and that is just one part of us. The whole set-up works without us thinking about it. Hearts beat, blood flows. Well worth celebrating.

It’s who you are inside that counts. However his appearance may change, the Doctor is still always the Doctor, the cleverest and often the coolest one in any room, or planet. And if his companions see him with a totally new face, they still like him, and never doubt that his essential identity is unchanged.

If you look into the reflection of your own eyes, can you see all the earlier versions of yourself…as a child, an adolescent and an adult? Your identity and your inner beauty are all still there. Cells in your own body die and are reborn every minute. But those cells are not all you are. Your inner self has lived through it all.

Your body is your sole ticket to experience the physical world. Imagine if you had no sense of touch, no taste buds. We often take our senses for granted, until we suffer a loss of one.

The Doctor can experience tastes and smells differently every time he regenerates. But the universe is a pretty big place, and we all have new experiences just waiting for us if we’ll try them.

Saving the planet does not depend on how you look. Even if saving the Earth is not on your daily agenda, most of what you want to accomplish probably has less to do with your appearance than you may think it does. We can all do things to look our best, but comparing ourselves to airbrushed fashion models is pointless. If you check out tabloid pictures of how they look in real life, you’ll see that none of us are perfect.

Be unique and have fun with your personal style. Even if our bodies aren’t perfect, they are very handy to hang clothes on, and fun to dress up. Without them the entire fashion industry would disappear.

Celebrate your uniqueness. Love your body for all it does, dress it up, and take it out for a good time.

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