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Are You Addicted To Worry?

Being addicted to worry is more common than you'd thinkWhoever told you that worrying is caring was wrong. Just forget it. Maybe you didn’t hear those words exactly, but maybe there is a part of you that believes you can’t possibly care about your health, your career, your future, or someone else unless you worry about them. If this is your reality, please allow me to explain that you are simply addicted to worry. But don’t worry! Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery. From here on out I’m going to explain reasons why you may have developed this addiction and how you can learn to slowly let loose from the tight grip of worry and change your life dramatically.

Let’s first understand what worry is. When you are in the process of worrying about something, all you are really doing is envisioning future possibilities of what can go wrong. It’s not loving, caring, or taking control of a situation, it is putting fear in the place of something that has not yet happened. I’ve also heard worry described as living something twice. So, whether it has happened, or is yet to happen, worry doesn’t actually add or diminish anything from the actual experience, it just puts the experience on repeat (with scary music in the background).

If you recognize yourself as a worrier, don’t beat yourself up about it. Be easy on yourself and understand that you are probably just reflecting behavior you learned at a very young age. If your parents were often worried about you, saying it was because they loved you (which I’m sure they did), it’s easy to see why one might think worry could be a good thing. The truth, however, is that worrying about someone and caring about someone are not the same thing. In metaphysical terms – vibrationally- they are very different. Worry is fear, and fear is an opposing energy to love.

The truth is, people don’t worry because they love, people worry because they worry. Worry is always about the fears and insecurities of that person. It really has nothing to do with anyone else. That’s a pretty deep issue to understand, but if you got it, you are golden! Another way to look at it is to know that someone who worries about life in general is someone who either has never trusted or has lost trust in the love and support of the Universe. These beliefs create “control-freaks”, uptight, and stressed out people because they think everything is on their shoulders.

When you no longer trust that you are supported and loved by forces beyond our knowing, when you believe you live in a scary Universe that is not based on love, then you give yourself plenty to worry about. Things can go wrong or things often do go wrong when you carry these beliefs. What you focus on you give energy to, and if you are spending more energy and time thinking about what can go wrong, then you are certainly on the right path to create it.

What you want to do instead is try to find reasons that support that you are in a loving Universe. Start focusing on what can go right or what has already gone right in every situation. Start envisioning yourself as getting better and stronger, seeing yourself on a path to happiness and fulfillment. Start seeing this for the people you love as well. Seek a connection with your soul. That is the eternal part of you that only knows joy and fulfillment and is trying to express it on a physical plane. It is your natural state to be blessed, you just have to believe it. Start expecting miracles in your life.

For instance, when a baby is learning to walk, do you worry about the fact that they cannot walk yet. Do you worry if they will ever be able to walk? Do you think, “why is this taking so long?”  Most likely you do not. Most likely you understand that walking is an individual journey that the baby must take themselves. You understand the baby has to grow, and if you are a parent, you understand you are here to create a loving space for that to happen. If that baby grew up with parents who worried all the time, that baby would grow into a child that learned to fear every step of their journey. If, however, that baby grew up knowing that despite falling down they would eventually walk, that child would learn to trust themselves and enjoy their journey.

So be easy on yourself! This is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed. If you are addicted to worry and you want to change, start off by asking easy questions like, “what could go right?” “Is there another way I can look at this?” “Is there another way this could turn out for me?” “What do I want to happen?” Questions like this put you in a loving and abundant state of mind where you now have the power to focus your energy in a positive way. You are giving yourself the power to create things that you want to happen in your life. Understand that when it comes to your life and your dreams, you hold the power of life and death with your thoughts and words, so use them wisely.

By Madeline C Rinehart

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Sending lots of love.

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I also know a few people who feel like they are tempting fate by not worrying, and they waste so much time and energy doing so. I’ve always loved the saying “Worry is payment on a debt not yet due”. Thanks for showing us ways to get out of this mindtrap, Madeline.

I love that saying Angela! It’s so true. As a society, if we can teach ourselves to put more energy and though into what can go right and into what we want to happen, we can learn to trust in the power we hold within ourselves to create just that.

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