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5 Shopping Tips for Women with Social Phobia

An isolated shot of a beautiful woman carrying shopping bagsFirst of all social phobia is something that is common and there are a lot of people that suffering from this. The bad news about feeling the anxiety and stress while in public is that it cannot be stopped or cured. Unless it is perfectly okay to do online shopping, there is nothing like to have a feel of the merchandise in a mall. That is why this article will teach you how to cope with the anxiety symptoms that come with having social phobia and how to enjoy the shopping time.

1. Admit the problem

When you admit that there is a problem you become aware of your situation. This is the first thing to do when you are suffering from social phobia. After being aware you can find ways how to address your fears. You can get in touch with therapists that can help you with your problem. If you are unable to detect a problem you are not able to seek help or even acknowledge that there is indeed a pressing problem.

2. Try to bring friends

Having familiar faces around can help you through the pressing debacle of experiencing social phobia. Keeping your friends will give you confidence that you have nothing to fear about the situation. This is aside from the fact that your friends can help you with your shopping. Treat your company as sort of a security blanket that you can lean on when you are about to squeal in fear when you go in a shopping center. Let your friends understand your situation lest you be misunderstood. If by chance your friends would accompany you to the mall even with your condition then they are truly your friends.

3. Try to shop at small malls

Small malls don’t typically have heavy foot traffic. This would lower the social contact and may help you get over your phobia. Try to get comfortable with this situation and as you get accustomed with the small malls try to level up and go to bigger malls until you are able to steer clear from your social phobia. It would help to get some cognitive behavioral therapy as you try to get comfortable with having people around while you shop.

4. Try to talk about it

Talking about your condition with friends will make you have more power over it. Try to talk about it while you are in the mall. If you can make sure you are with friends that also understand your situation. It would help if you have a chat at the food court enjoying some smoothies or milkshakes. This would become a part of your therapy.

5. Try to be calm

When the tension arises it pays to breathe and relax. Try some deep breathing exercises and rest for a while. Let your friends handle things for you when the situation becomes overwhelming for you. The phobia will not go away instantly but you can work towards getting better.

The best way to overcome it is to cope well and to mitigate its effects. Women love shopping but it would be hard to do it if there is social phobia. Try to work on smaller things first and gradually up the ante and work towards freedom from the phobia.

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