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3 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Simplify your days and stop juggling too many tasksSome people often find themselves being so busy during the entire day but then end up wondering whether they were really productive. Unfortunately, being busy does not automatically equate to being productive. There are times when you becomes all too caught up with the many tasks that lay in front of you. You will then immediately start doing one task after the other but it is only when you start to feel so exhausted that you realize you were never able to accomplish the most urgent and the most important task of the day. To avoid this from happening again, keep in mind the following tips that are sure to help boost your productivity:

Identify those tasks that need your focus.

One of the keys to start being productive is to first admit that there are really certain tasks that are trying to steal your attention now. And, one way to make sure that what you are focusing on is important, is to think about what a typical work day must be like. If possible, you can ask someone else like your assistant to make assessments with your daily workflow. This will greatly help you identify which areas in which you are losing your focus. Once you have clearly identified what steals your day’s momentum you will then be able to alert yourself about this and reclaim your focus on something that badly needs it most.

Eliminate “should” in your vocabulary.

Don’t you know that you will be able to accomplish more important things in a day when you start deleting the word “should” in your vocab? This word will only cloud your focus and deprives you from putting more importance to other things that best deserve your focus. This is because when you keep on thinking about those things that you “should” be doing within a day’s work, you will never be able to give 100% focus on your current task. As a result, you will never be able to be as productive as you wanted to be just because your thoughts have been filled with “should(s)” that reduce your ability to focus on a certain task. But, in the event that you are having difficulty identifying which things should and should not be included in your day’s to-do list, try to narrow your options by weighing in all pros and cons of each task.

Eliminate distractions.

Keep in mind that your ability to focus on the task at hand can just be easily splintered with the presence of auditory and visual distractions. This is why if you truly want to be productive, find a way to reduce if not eliminate all your auditory and visual distractions. These things may range from those plenty of stick-on notes in front of you, email notification sounds, to piles of papers cluttered on top of your desk. All sorts of distractions and interruptions can definitely fool you to believing that you are still being productive despite their presence. But, in reality, they are reducing your ability to focus while increasing your levels of anxiety.

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