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3 Effective Breathing Techniques for Anxiety

Take-a-Deep-BreathWith our busy daily routines, anxiety is a main health problem of most of us. Although some are used to taking medicine as a solution to that problem, some are searching for natural ways to get rid of anxiety. These natural methods are better than artificial pills because they never have diverse after effects. Some are trying methods such as meditation, yoga and exercise. Today, most people are interested in breathing techniques for anxiety.

Here are three effective and harmless breathing methods you can try alone.

1. Belly breathing is a popular exercise

If you want to practice breathing techniques for anxiety, this is a good method to start. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed and breathe in slowly through the nose. You have to expand your stomach, not the chest. You can check this by placing your hands on stomach and chest. Keeping your tongue and jaw relaxed, exhale slowly through the mouth. While repeating this exercise for some minutes, make your outgoing breath longer and smoother. You will feel the difference quickly.

2. The measured breath is another good solution for anxiety

Though you can sit or stand, keep your hands relaxed. Now drop your shoulders and relax your jaw. Breathe slowly through the nose and count to four. Allow your stomach to expand. Then hold the breath for a moment and release it slowly and smoothly while counting to seven. Repeat these steps for some minutes for better results. You will be able to get back to your normal routine soon.

3. While practicing breathing techniques for anxiety

The bubble bee breath is also a good method to try. First relax your shoulders. Then close your throat slightly and see whether you are able to hear your breath. Now cover your eyes with fingers and cover the ears with thumbs. Close your lips lightly and keep your teeth slightly apart. Now breathe out slowly making a humming sound. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 times and make your exhalation longer and smoother. Finally, you can sit and enjoy breaths for a couple of minutes.

Next time when you are suffering from anxiety, you can try these methods and see what will be the most suitable technique for you. As I have mentioned above, it is better than going for artificial pills. Pills always do their work by chemical processes, but natural methods are harmless ways used by our ancestors too. Thus, I’m sure you can live with a relaxed mind with these proven breathing techniques for anxiety.

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