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12 Easy Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Reading is a good way of being gentle with yourselfWhen it comes to treating anxiety, these 12 simple solutions are as effective as they are easy to implement.  Try them out today and start relaxing away your stress  in just minutes!

1. Breathing Exercises

Take a moment to close your eyes and focus only on your breathing. Inhale slowly through your nose. Feel your diaphragm move up into your ribcage and extend your belly outward as you inhale. Slowly push out your breath as you exhale through your mouth. Feel the stress being breathed out of your body. It is no longer a part of you. Each breath should take 6 seconds to complete. Spend 3 seconds slowly inhaling through your nose and the other 3 seconds slowly exhaling through your mouth. Take 5-10 breaths like this and you’ll instantly feel more relaxed.

2. Drink Green Tea

L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea plants. It also promotes relaxation and modifies the stimulating effects of the caffeine present in green tea. What does that mean exactly? Well L-theanine is a caffeine antagonist, meaning that it offsets the “hyper” effect of caffeine. That is why many people will have a “soothing” cup of tea and not a soothing cup of coffee. Green tea contains more theanine than the other teas. Try drinking Green Tea in the morning for a more gradual and calming wake-up boost.

3. Listen to Music

Sit back and relax to your favorite tunes. I love listening to classic rock. If you’re feeling nostalgic, put on something that will transport you to another place in time. Escape and think of nothing but the music. Try to play songs with a positive or uplifting message. Really it’s up to you. Just enjoy and have fun.

4. Take a Foot Bath

Even if you don’t actually own a foot bath, you can fill up a large bowl with warm water and have a nice long soak. Put in some bath salts to give your feet a soft smooth feel. Add some flowers and lavender if you like to really add to the pampering quality of this experience. Put on some relaxing music and sit in a comfy chair while your soothe your cares with this moment of zen.

5. Meditate on Gratitude

Take a few minutes to think about all the things you are grateful for. It could be as simple as feeling grateful for the food in your fridge or the way your puppy dog loves you. Take the time to appreciate all the gifts you have in life and how lucky you are to have them. When you show thanks for the good in your life, more good will attract itself to you. I spend 5 minutes every morning meditating on gratitude while I take a shower. It’s amazing how it always starts me off in such a great mood for the day.

6. Exercise

Although Cardio Exercise like running or bike riding is more effective for relieving anxiety, weight lifting works well too. Really, just getting to the gym in general and burning off some steam is a wonderful way to feel better. Exercise doesn’t just provide a physical release. You’re also providing a mental release as well. By exercising, you counter-balance your negative thoughts with a positive feeling that you are taking steps towards improving your health. In effect, you cast aside worry and calm your mind with the natural high of working out.

7. Get Rid of the Clutter

Feng Shui is the art of creating a serene and relaxing home. Part of this study involves clearing the clutter from your environment. Clutter creates a sense of confusion and chaos. By cleaning up your home, you’re essentially clearing out the clutter from your mind. I feel so much better after doing just a little bit of housekeeping. I find it extremely relaxing to be in a clean home. I personally like getting rid of old clothes. If I haven’t worn them in a year, then they are wasteful clutter and can be given away.

8. Get a Massage

Take the time to treat yourself to a massage. You deserve it. A massage is not only relaxing, it also promotes healthy blood circulation and overall well-being. So go ahead, pamper yourself and feel good about it. After all, you’re not just doing something good for your mind. You’re also promoting a healthy body.

9. Go for a Walk

Nothing clears my head like a nice brisk walk. This is even better if you have beautiful backgrounds of nature to stroll through. Whenever I visit my extended family (they live in the country), I always make time for a 10 minute walk around their lake. As you walk, think about the rhythm of your body as you stride from one step to the next. It’s calming to focus on your breathing. Concentrate on each breath and empty your thoughts as you move along.

10. Aromatherapy

Connecting certain fragrances to an emotionally uplifting situation will trigger a relaxation response. For example, try lighting some of your favorite incense or fill your home with the aroma of potpourri while you sit back and meditate your worries away. If those aromas are too strong for you, you can buy a less pungent smelling Glade air freshener. They just plug into any outlet and you can adjust the amount of fragrance that they release. I personally love using Glade plug-ins. Vanilla is my favorite. It’s a gentle scent that eases my mind.

11. Do Charity Work

When you help others, you take the focus off yourself. Taking the focus off yourself is a big part of overcoming anxiety. You internalize less and simply live in the moment, taking pleasure in the world around you. Feel good about yourself for doing a positive thing for others.

12. Read

Escape to another place and time. Live in someone else’s shoes for a while and leave your troubles behind. Reading is actually another form of meditation. You leave your own thoughts and simply follow a scripted story. You’re essentially just going along for the ride and forgetting the world around you. It doesn’t matter what you read as long as it takes your thoughts elsewhere. This is a healthy break from things and will relieve anxiety within minutes.

These 12 tactics are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conquering anxiety and stress.  Take the time and make the effort to resolve your anxiety with long-term strategies.

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