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You’re Not Doing Your Metabolism A Favor

Severe dieting, starvation, not doing any exercises, doing the wrong exercises, eating the wrong food and wrong supplements usage are only a part of the list of things with which you’re not doing your metabolism a favor.

Severe dieting is almost the same as starvation – either you’re eating almost nothing or you’re really eating nothing at all. Both decisions can do you only harm and nothing more, really. While you’re punishing yourself with withholding from any kind of food in the belief that you’ll actually do something good for yourself, you’re doing quite the opposite. During your severe dieting (starvation) process, your body’s defense system gets activated and it’s acting like a shield on your behalf because your body gets all the signals that you’re in some kind of danger. Your body is actually in distress. So, while you’re trying to lose a few pounds by refusing to eat, your body will do anything to keep them. The only worse thing that’ll happen to you, beside not losing any pounds, are the changes your body is going through. Maybe you can’t see them, but you’ll feel them eventually. Your metabolism will get slower and slower by the minute because of the hormonal, metabolic, and behavioral reactions to your choices.

Doing exercises is a good thing, but if you’re not an expert or you haven’t consulted an expert in that area the only thing you should be doing is walking. Each and every body is different and that is why we need to turn to professionals for advice. The results of doing the wrong exercises could be more than just not experiencing any fat loss. You could actually hurt yourself and that is something you should be trying to avoid. If you have decided to do some exercises, you should consult a personal trainer or a gym instructor. It is their job to know what’s good for your body and what exercises will bring you the all so wanted results.

Supplements usage seems to get very popular these days, all thanks to the commercials. Yes, supplements can do you good, but they can also do you harm. Supplements are chemistry the same way the medications are and you shouldn’t leave that choice to yourself. Wrong supplements can also cause hormonal and metabolic changes. Basically, you could get ill when all you ever wanted to do is get more healthy. Your body is not a toy so you shouldn’t be playing around with it by doing unnecessary experiments.

If you really want to get in shape and get healthier, the last thing you want to do is to slow your metabolism and get stressed out. Before going on a diet, you should consult a nutritionist. Maybe you’ll have to do a few tests, but it’s for your own good. The experts need to know what your body needs and what it doesn’t need. Also, these experts are the ones that’ll tell you whether you need any kind of supplements or not. If you want to get in shape by doing exercises, you should consult a personal trainer or other fitness professionals.

Olivia Still is a blogger, fitness enthusiast, and online marketing consultant for a number of Australian companies. Currently evaluatingthe effects of protein supplements.

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