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New Meditation Video: Energizing Standing Meditation!

I’m thrilled with the response to the “abundant energy session” I sent you last week (on this site and elsewhere).

QUESTION: Lots of people are asking when our free event “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days” is going to begin. By the way, if you haven’t registered for that yet, there is still time, but you need to do so here today:

ANSWER: We’re shooting for this upcoming Monday, but there are some technical challenges yet to be overcome. As with many things, it’s really not up to me. I know lots of people are eager to get started, but the best I can tell you is “It will be ready when it’s ready” 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a new video giving you a clearer picture of how to do “abundant energy” standing meditation:

REMEMBER: Start with the “abundant energy session” track I sent you last week. That way you have the feel of an overall session. Then, try this new standing meditation video below right after the breath-walking:

Enjoy the practice, and let me know your feedback!

– Matt

P.S. This may be your last chance to register for our free event: “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days”. We’re hoping to have the remaining technical challenges squared away very soon, although it’s kinda out of my hands. Remember, missing out on this would be tragic. Make sure you register TODAY here if you haven’t already.

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