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Relieve Stress With Love-Guided Meditation

heartfireHave you wondered what’s the key to whether you feel stressed-out or empowered in your life?  It’s easy and natural to think that it has to do with what’s going on around you—your work load, health, relationship issues, and so on.  However, have you noticed how the same things can sometimes stress you out and sometimes not?  Could it be that what makes something stressful or not has to do with how you’re looking at it, with where you’re coming from at the moment?

What if the key to relieving stress is to shift your perspective and how you are relating to whatever is happening?  In the following meditation, I’ll guide you to relieve stress by shifting into a loving perspective.  You may be surprised at how life-altering and effective this simple change in viewpoint can be.

So, if you will, call to mind a situation in your life in which you currently feel stress.  Once you have something in mind, play the guided audio below.

After you listen, please share with your family, friends and co-workers through the social sharing links.  I’d also love to hear your Comments about your experience.  Thanks for sharing!

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