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Relaxing Check-In: Mini Meditation

candlelightingIn our hyper-speed culture, it’s vitally important to relax and check in with yourself, at least a few times a day.  This week, I had a client tell me she is doing a check-in each hour.  She takes some deep breaths to relax herself and then makes sure she is on track with her priorities for the day.  Great idea!

The deep breaths activate your body’s natural relaxation response, which brings you back to center, clears your mind, and initiates a cascade of positive effects in your mind and body.  These include bringing your respiration, heart-rate, and brainwaves into calm coherence, and resetting your body for optimal health, digestion, and immune functions.

Consciously relaxing in the way I’m going to describe, will also help you connect with inner knowing and check in for guidance on your top priorities.

Here’s a “Relaxing Check-in Checklist”:

1. Begin by lightly closing your eyes and relaxing and releasing any tension from your hands, feet, and jaw.

2. Put a subtle smile on your lips and feel the sensation of smiling inside your body.

3. Take a couple, slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth with a sigh.

4. Feel your body as a whole from the inside.  Feel the entire space inside your skin.  Notice any inner sensations that draw your attention.  Notice any emotions you’re feeling.  Notice any thoughts that pass through your mind.  Remember your top priorities.

If you practice this Relaxing Check-In consistently, maybe even on the hour, you’ll discover you can quickly relax, connect with inner guidance, and get back on track with your top priorities.

Below you can enjoy a short recording of this Relaxing Check-In as a Mini Meditation.  After you listen, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing links.  Thanks for sharing!

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