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Pain Relief Meditation

neckpainWe all experience physical pain from time to time.  Some people live in chronic pain that is debilitating.  Pain can be very stressful!  When you’re in pain, your world collapses into a simple desire—to get rid of that pain!  It’s as if nothing else seems to matter until the pain passes.  Sometimes even the strongest pain meds don’t make a dent in pain or they come with side effects that are challenging to deal with.  This makes it hard to get through life, much less to reach for the more expansive experiences you truly desire.

Did you know that your mind is a powerful ally when it comes to managing and even transforming and resolving the pain you feel?  Understanding your pain experience better is a good starting point.  Think of your pain as having three layers—physical, emotional, and mental.  Becoming aware of these three layers can change your relationship to the pain you feel and even help your body move through your discomfort to a better place.  So, let’s briefly explore these three layers.

1. Physical sensations.  It can be helpful to tune into the different, changing, physical sensations that make up your pain.  This helps you to experience pain as a mixture of different transient sensations that shift according to the way you relate to them, instead of as an overwhelming unchanging force.

2. Emotional reactions.  It can be helpful to note the emotional reactions you have to pain and notice how these can intensify or diminish the sensations.  For example, if you’re afraid or angry about your pain it will likely feel more intense than if you have a caring and nurturing attitude toward it.

3. Thoughts.  It can be helpful to note the thoughts that come up about your pain and notice how these impact your experience.  For example, if you think your pain will never end or that it means something serious, it may hurt a whole lot more than when you see it as a passing phenomenon or as important information you can learn from.

In the following Pain Relief Meditation, I’ll guide you through these three layers along with cues to access a part of you that is pain-free.  This can help you deal with your pain more mindfully and effectively, so it doesn’t take over your life.  You can use this with subtle discomfort, uneasy feelings, or strong pain sensations.  As with any meditation, it will be more effective as you grow your skill through practice.

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