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Abundant Energy Demo: “Open Focus” Inspired Standing Meditation!

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Here’s a totally new style of standing meditation for you and I’d love to get your feedback. Hit PLAY:

(NOTE: you need a desktop or flash-ready device at this point!)

This meditation uses a new technique to help calm and clear your mind MUCH easier (at least it works very well for me and many clients). So please try it and post a comment to let me know your feedback. Also, be sure to try the guided gratitude meditation that also uses this style of questioning.

The cueing in this guided meditation is inspired by the “open focus” techniques of Dr. Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins.

These guys actually used an EEG machine to watch the brainwave patterns of people meditating (and those trying). They learned a lot about what makes meditation work better and made several important discoveries:

1) They found that certain types of question, like the type I’m using in the new demo, make it MUCH easier for your brain to naturally produce alpha waves (the brainwave pattern associated with NATURAL meditation, relaxation and healing).

They found that you just listen to these questions, allow awareness to respond spontaneously – and BOOM – you easily shift into relaxing alpha! Well, at least it works super-well for me and I know many of our clients have said they love this type of cuing too. Please comment and let me know what you think.

2) The other thing they found was that awareness of SPACE around and through available body-sensations can PROFOUNDLY deepen meditation (like imagining the space between your eyes…. the space inside your mouth…. and the entire volume of space inside your body….) So I’ve incorporated this into the new meditation demo as well, while keeping the original technique of bringing the energy DOWN to the lower dantien.

Anyway, it works for me and I’d love to get your feedback!

Please comment below and let me know if you prefer this or the standing meditation from the previous demo.


– Matt

37 replies on “Abundant Energy Demo: “Open Focus” Inspired Standing Meditation!”

Hi Matt
I am new to meditation and looking at several. Must say that I liked the other version – the standing meditation video you made in Thailand. I will use this audio meditation a bit more because the guided meditation makes a difference.
I liked the sound of the sea in the other one but the softer background music here is acceptable and much better compared to some of your other meditations in which I found loud piano plonking distracting.from your wonderful voice and guidance.

I found this to be very pleasant, energizing and the process allowed me to remain focused on my physical and non-physical energy. The length of time is excellent for centering during busy times.

I’ve been a practitioner for many decades, so I find anything but the pure directive to be a distraction. But I can understand how people would naturally find it easier to follow this method. The psyche responds better when asked than when told. Most people’s lives are so full of being told, that it is not relaxing. We resist what we’re told. The response to the question is always positive; can I? … Yes, I can.
Also, I agree with Bela. The background should be near silence and towards natural. I would suggest birdsong or childrens’ play.

The guided meditiation using “questions (in place of statements…) worked very well for me. As I listen to the questions, a “response” emerged smoothly. Thanks, Emma

Dear Matt,

the meditation using questions worked very well for me. I would prefere this one. Is it possible to reduce the speed of the spoken words?

Thank you very much for the great work you are doing.


Having studied practiced and taught standing meditations for a long time, i have to say keep up the good work. This one is right on the money.

I am a long time practitioner of daily meditation. I enjoy deep relaxation with a sit down technique using breathing and a mantra. I also love techniques with guided imagery using music, a soothing guiding voice and nature sounds like Sonia Choquette’s. I tried the standing meditation but found it a strain as my body got heavier as I stood there and did not find it relaxing at all. Will you be doing any meditations in a sitting or lying down position?

Since I purchased on January/2013 “LEARN QIGONG MEDITATION” by Kevin D. Schoeninger I have been doing standig meditation guided by him with wonderful results. But this new stile of standing meditation is very relaxing too. Thanks!

Standing meditation is unusual but it is convenient because it is fast, effective and is welcome when you’re busy and you don’t have much time for meditation. Thank you. It was nice experience.

Nicely done. Asking can you is a encouragement and leaveing the mind in a more positive state to accept the guidance being given.

Loved it……. I actually liked the background of the chimes, or whatever it was — I was having a very stressful day – and it definitely re-centered me, and allowed me to just let go of all of it for a while, which is awesome THANK YOU!

Hey Matt,
Thank you for the meditation. It worked well for me and I relaxed deeply. I agree with some of the other comments about questions rather than statements, I think one responds more easily and positively. I also agree that the voice can be a bit slower – one is still busy “replying” then the next question comes. Also, maybe you should suggest that people be barefoot if possible, even a slight heel tends to tighten the calves, thighs and throw the back out of alingmnt.

Thanks again,


I liked standing up for a change. i have no problem going to trance for the most part i stay in one. This particular meditation allowed me to be in a higher frequency rather than the usual lower alpha and remain relaxed as well as directing. i like the questions approach. Since i am aware of the possibilities, i affirmed them when the questions were asked “is it Possible”. Fun Thanks

Big THANK YOU. I’m glad so many people like the new variation of this technique. It means a lot to me. Thanks to all your constructive feedback, I’m pretty clear on how to make the next version of this meditation even better! 🙂

For all those expecting a “relaxing” meditation experience, I should say that’s not really the intent of this particular meditation. This meditation is about *grounding energy* generated from breath-walking and movement, as well as making your body and energetic system STRONG and resilient. That way, you can stay joyful and centered even when facing tough challenges in life. Please see the demo track of the “abundant energy” session to get a sense of how the standing meditation fits into the abundant energy session as a whole:

Of course, there absolutely is a place for more relaxing meditations in a seated posture. That’s part of the system and we’ll be covering that too in our free event! 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t registered for “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 21 Days,” then I highly encourage you to do so today — so you get the full benefits of this profound practice. Here’s the link again:

And yes, we are aware of the technical difficulty that means iPad and iPhone users cannot listen at present, and we are working to resolve it.

Until next time, enjoy your practice!


Yes indeedy Tom and Yvette. The practice sessions are “nice and easy” and build very gradually from there, and always with gentle presence of course 🙂

Yvette – love the Gravatar profile. That is really cool.


The time passed by quickly. Usually I’m a very nervous, impatient person and I have trouble sitting down and keeping still for a meditation. However, the standing helped me stay focused and calm. I really like this style of standing meditation, it helps someone nervous and impatient like me really stay grounded. I was surprised at the end when Matt said the time was up. Ha! Ha!That’s unusual for someone like me!

I really enjoyed this Matt, although I did feel a little wobbly to begin with, surely only my imagination? haha The time went very quickly and I felt present throughout BONUS! thank you

This is one I like. In spite of my level of extreme fatigue I was able to complete it and felt relaxed and emotionally better. More would be very good

jenrod1 – yes this technique is great for building confidence.

Angela – that’s entirety normal. You tend to settle into the position once you’ve done it a few times.

Madeleine – glad you enjoyed it! More on the way! 🙂


Really great! I like the questions and the full body awareness that emerged from trying this meditation. 🙂

I would have rather done the meditation sitting or lying down. Standing was not so relaxing as the blood was settling in the lower part of my body.

Loved it, short and sweet. Guided instructions are great for me. However, “can you” not only make it lengthy but also cause the mind to be distracted. A positive statement “you will” will make my mind accept it without any doubts.

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