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Meditation For Security: Being At Peace in Challenging Situations

6 Fears That Are Causing Unnecessary Anxiety In Your LifeIn a world where we are increasingly presented with threats and the idea of threats to our well-being, it’s no wonder that we witness and experience so much stress, anxiety, worry, and fear. We constantly have to fend off feeling threatened by our finances, events in the news, and the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. It’s no wonder we are increasingly seeking ways to feel safe, soothed, and secure—so we can feel at peace in the world.

So, in the following meditation for security, you’ll practice bringing peace to a challenging situation as a model for how you can bring peace to any challenges you face in the future. Turn up your speakers, PRESS PLAY, relax, and enjoy!

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– Kevin

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10 replies on “Meditation For Security: Being At Peace in Challenging Situations”

Although I have your Secrets of Meditation and also Raise Your Virbations I still love these little meditations and will try to remember this one at times of stress.

Sorry but for some reason, I was more peaceful BEFORE the meditation.

Perhaps this was the wrong meditation for me or the incident I thought of was the wrong one (in which I stayed outwardly calm but I was attacked verbally and threatened by two people. I wish I had given them a shouting too). What got me was the sense of loneliness and injustice of the situation. Got any meditations for that?

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