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Meditation For Better Financial Decisions

bankingDid you know that meditation has a scientifically-proven ability to short-circuit the fear, worry, anxiety, anticipated regret, and poor thinking that leads to poor financial decisions? Recent research from The Wharton School demonstrates that you make better financial decisions after meditating.

How does this work?  Well, it seems that meditating activates the parts of your brain that enable you to observe your behavior and circumstances more objectively, while releasing the mental-emotional biases that lead you to make poor choices.  In the study at The Wharton School, after only 15 minutes of meditation, participants were 30 percent less susceptible to mental-emotional biases that lead to poor financial decisions.

And that’s just after one session of meditation.  Consider what might happen if you practiced meditation every day?  Research shows that regular meditation practice builds strong circuits in those parts of your brain that enable you to relax emotionally and observe things more clearly.  When you build those circuits through repetition, they are much easier to access when you need them.

So, in the following short meditation I’ll ask you to call to mind a financial decision you have to make.  Then, we’ll follow meditative cues to relax deeply and access your Higher Mind for making better financial decisions.

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