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Instant Pressure-Relief Meditation

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BreathingSpaceDo you ever feel trapped under your TO DO List? There’s a relentless pressure for speed and productivity these days that’s hard to escape. That pressure can feel like the weight of the world pressing down on your shoulders. It can compress your spirit and rob you of your energy and, sometimes, your sanity.

All that pressure may make you feel like you’re going to collapse under the weight of it or like the world might collapse around you or underneath you, leaving you without support. It might weigh you down with a sinking feeling that deflates your best intentions, your desire to reach out for more—more health, happiness, love, and financial abundance.

For just a moment, I’d like you to imagine what you feel like when you “have more to do than time to do it in.” What does that feel like in your body? What does it feel like when your TO DO list seems never-ending? What does that do to your posture? Maybe you’re taking a break from such a moment right now.

In this post, we’ll explore a simple cue to instantly relieve that pressure and shift your perspective.

Welcome to our first Mind-Body Minute. In this series, I invite you to take a brief break from busyness to settle into a relaxed, positive, Core Energy State. Even 60 seconds in this Core place can relieve stress, re-connect you to your calm center, and guide you to greater health, happiness, love, and abundance.

The organizing inspiration for this series is the insight that what you experience is the result of your current perspective. What you focus on and give attention to determines what you perceive and how it feels. Most importantly, you can experience more of what you want by consciously shifting to an inner state which is aligned with what you desire.

So, in each of these brief messages, we’ll explore some common ways we get caught up in perspectives that don’t serve us or others. Then, we’ll mentally rehearse one simple cue—a thought, feeling, sensation, or behavior—that helps you shift to a Core perspective and manifest what you truly desire. When practiced, these cues become inner power tools in your mind-body training toolkit. They help you maintain a positive state or return to one whenever you need.

So, if you will, I invite you to join me in a brief inner practice.
With your palms facing your abdomen, place your thumbs at the bottom of your ribs and your pinkie fingers on your pelvic bones. See the picture below.


Now, as you inhale, feel the space between your thumbs and pinkies lengthen, so that your ribs raise slightly. Do this two more times, allowing that space to lengthen just a little more with each in-breath. Then, maintain this increased space as you breathe in and out. As you inhale, allow your abdomen to expand slightly and notice how much more space there is for air to come into your lungs. As you exhale, keep your ribs slightly elevated and allow your abdomen to relax inward.

This posture immediately opens up more breathing space, gives you more oxygen, decompresses your spine, and sets your shoulders back, bringing you into a nice upright posture. Take 5-6, slow, deep breaths in this more open, upright posture. Let’s do this together now for one minute. . .

Notice how you feel now inside your body. Do you feel some relief? Do you feel expanded, lighter, more energized, and uplifted?

Remember to do this as often as you need to, until this new, more open, spacious, upright posture is a habit. Practice this simple cue for increased breathing space along with deep breathing anytime you need a break from pressure, so you can return to a more relaxed, positive, empowered feeling.

Enjoy your practice!

P.S. Meditation is a powerful daily practice to set up your entire day for success and feeling “in the flow”. Check out this 3-minute quiz to find out what types of meditation practices work best for you and why:

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