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Inner Smiling Meditation to Clear Stress and Feel Better Right Now!

five-minutes-to-relaxationHere’s a new Mini Meditation version of Inner Smiling that I just recorded. Thanks to for the background music. Just PRESS PLAY on the player below.

Inner Smiling is a simple and effective way to release stress, clear your mind, and feel better right away–and it’s really easy to do. To practice Inner Smiling put a subtle smile on your lips, close your eyes, and feel the sensation of smiling inside your body.

Kevin & Matt

P.S. I like to feel the sensation of smiling in my heart, which has a powerful positive effect on my whole mind and body. To strengthen that experience, you can focus on something that makes you smile—like a baby laughing, your dog or cat rolling over on their back with their feet in the air, or anything that gives you that easy, warm, positive feeling. Inner Smiling instantly releases stress, shifts your brain chemistry, boosts your immune response, and initiates a cascade of positive effects in your body and brain.

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