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Guided Meditation to Relieve the Stress of Information Overload

catpurringDo you find yourself more and more frequently checking your digital devices? Do you feel the constant need for more and more bits of information along with pressure to respond to communications immediately? While smartphones, pads, and PCs are amazing information and communications devices, it’s easy to become a slave to digital information. The stress of information overload is becoming epidemic and it’s having a negative impact on our mental clarity, health, energy, and feelings of well-being.

As we give more and more time to ingesting external, digital information, we also spend less and less time attending to inner signals and abilities. One of these is the ability to activate your body’s natural relaxation response. Fortunately, with a few simple cues you can shift your focus inside and tap into your body’s incredible ability to relax and clear your mind.

You can use the following guided meditation to relieve information overload stress.  It will help you tune into your body, activate your natural relaxation response, and clear your mind.  It’s called “Inner Humming.”

I think you’ll find this simple practice super calming and soothing. You might think of it like a cat purring.

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