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Guided Meditation: Reduce Stress by Feeling Connected

globalcommunity1We feel more stress when we feel like we’re facing our challenges alone. If we think that what happens is all up to us and we doubt if we have the resources to handle things, stress builds. On the other hand, when we feel like part of a family, a team, a company, or a community that is all in this together, when we feel deeply connected with others, stress fades to the background.

What if, no matter what, you are always part of One Life that we all share? What if this One Life is permeated with Infinite Intelligence and Love? What if you are always connected with others in ways that you can’t imagine and these infinite connections provide everything you need when you need it, all the time? What if you lived from an awareness of deep connection with others?

In the following guided meditation, we’ll use our breath as a vehicle to reduce stress by feeling connected. I call it Connected Breathing.

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