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Abundant Energy: Guided Gratitude Meditation & Conscious Creation!

The FREE event begins Wednesday, May 6 when the first 7 days will be streamed for free. Click here to register for access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days“.

Here’s an awesome guided gratitude meditation for you. So sit back, relax, and get ready to welcome your natural feelings of joy, gratitude, trust and love:


A few things to keep in mind about this guided gratitude meditation:

1) Thanks to your wonderful feedback, the new meditation uses the “open focus” style of questions featured in the standing meditation audio. Unlike traditional meditation, there’s no struggling to focus with this AT ALL. You just allow yourself to respond naturally to the questions… And I think it feels pretty darn good if I do say so myself : )

2) Remember, this meditation is part of the 3-step “abundant energy” demo practice session I sent you before. Part 1 is Movement. Part 2 is Stillness and Part 3 is Conscious Creation. What I recommend is you do the abundant energy practice session HERE first. You start with the breath-walking and the standing meditation. Then, when it comes to the Conscious Creation part, stop the audio, and do the new meditation HERE on this page instead. Your energy will be flowing from the breath-walking and it will make the gratitude feel sooooo much better. Well… try it for yourself and let me know!

3) The “abundant energy” practice session is the cornerstone of our free event, “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days“. It started Wednesday, May 6 and if you’re quick, you can still catch Day before it expires. Register for free access if you haven’t already here:

>>> Get free access to “A Joyful Stress-Free You In 7 Days”. <<<

Of course, I’d like to get your feedback in the Comments below.

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

– Matt

11 replies on “Abundant Energy: Guided Gratitude Meditation & Conscious Creation!”

This seems very helpful to my mediation practice
The question I have is why do you need a password?
A number of programs demand this and I really fail to see the importance of this.
It usually ends up forgetting your password and not being able to participate!
I love what I am hearing. However I am not interested in trying to remember another password!

Thank you for this meditation! I love the open focus style questions you’ve incorporated that was inspired by new research. I really love that you’re incorporating the latest science to enhance the effectiveness of your meditations and hope you keep on it! It works naturally for me also. Thanks again for sharing this!

This was really beautiful. I am also very impressed with these questions to help focus and stay present in such a relaxed and easy way. And I love the idea of space around things and ideas and emotions, which reminds me a little of Ekhart Tolle’s teachings and is so expanding in a very hands on way. Thank you for this and for the open question standing meditation too. Looking forward to Monday.

Love the word/message, tone/voice and music. The open focus style questions work really well for me. Thanks for making this available. Emma

I found the meditation message to be quite relaxing but a bit short. The voice talking is calm and easy to listen to, how ever I enjoyed it and would love to hear a deeper inducing level. Thank You so much for letting it be played free of charge. Teresa

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