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Enjoy This Gratitude Meditation Audio! (+ quick question)

It’s been a while, so I thought you’d enjoy the popular gratitude meditation audio from my “Abundant Energy” Program. Plus I also have a quick question in the PS below. So relax, HIT PLAY, and get ready to welcome ALL your natural feelings of joy, gratitude, trust and love —


PS. QUESTION: We’re working on new material to serve you better. Can you please comment below and let me know what topics you want covered in future events and content? Specifically —

1. Do you like these meditation audios and would you like to see more? What meditations do you enjoy and what’s the ideal length for you? (If people show interest, we’ll definitely keep doing them!)

2. What’s your biggest goal or greatest problem right now in your life? What topics would you like to see covered in future events and content?

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback!

– Matt

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Thanks Matt – more great meditation 🙂

1. Yes I like the short meditations, especially on the subject of gratitude.

2. I would like to attract more financial prosperity.

Thank you


Thanks for your concern, one of the greatest challenge i am having now is wondering
thought, I am on Abel to focus please help me. Thanks

1. Thanks a lots for your meditation audio. I love it and I want to listen more. The length is up to its content, I don’t mind it.
2. I want to learn more about healing techniques and how to keep my future in track. Right now, I can heal others but healing myself doesn’t work well. Besides, I am still unable to attract my desirable future exactly. I can only do some small things but working for a big thing is not effective Thanks

Thanks for the emails. I’m not that responsive to emails due to a busy lifestyle. I appreciate them and save them for repetitive use.

I have been unemployed since November 22, 2010 after completing my $500 per day Audit of the Angola LNG Contract. I lost my 370Z, my Home and my bank Account along with Debit & Credit cards. I have almost exhausted my old age account! I am homeless and sleeping in my car tonight

Best regards,
Jean-Paul Adourian MBA

Thank you, Matt. Love your meditations.
1. 5minutes is best for me.
2. Gratitude, freedom, clarity, life purpose, financial security
Best life for you,

Hello! thank you for these meditations! 🙂

1- yes, more of it 😉 i enjoy them! Subject “to establish peace within/without + abundance” up to 15 mn with visualization to allow the meditation to sink in.

2- my problem is not being discouraged and hopeless regarding my finances. Topics: debts free, financial abundance, life purpose, chakras cleansing/alignement, physical and emotional healing, positive, creative, successful mind

Thanks for asking! Namaste 🙂

Great 8 minute start to the day, Matt, and also an excellent quick retreat any time of the day.
1. Yes, I find audio meditations very helpful, as they keep my mind from wandering off. 5 to 10 minutes work well for me.
2. My biggest challenge is trying not to feel like I will collapse under all the pressures of my life. Meditation does help me regain strength and perspective.

Thanks for a super audio.

I really like the 8 minute meditation for the start of the day. More like that would be great!!!

1. I get great benefit from meditations like this one today. ie.. peace, joy, gratitude, love!
8 to 15 minutes is the length I like and can hold onto fully.

2. I get distracted so easily so a 8 to 10 minute meditation would be great!! Topics;
distraction, focus, health, creativity, peace, joy, love are just a few!!!

Thank you Matt,

Love these short meditations and they are a great start to the day.
1. Up to 15 minutes is best for my busy lifestyle.
2. Anything focusing on how to stay positive even during life’s most difficult times.

These are great!
Thanks again for providing them.

Hi Matt,
Yes, I enjoyed the wording of this meditation and the length. 8-15 minutes is a good length for taking a break during my day. The topics that interest me most are releasing stress, attaining deeper states of awareness, and connecting with inner guidance.

Hi Matt,

Yes, I enjoyed the meditation and the time was good. I like awakening, higher consciousness, connecting with my higher self, love, and gratitude.

I would love more meditation; some on finding job and financial prosperity, release of negatives and cleansing effect, visuals too to help, sometime the audio doesn’t sink in deep enough so I have to listen for a few times
thanks again

10 minutes would be great to start the day. How to recognise what your soul is saying to you and love. Great meditations so far

Hi,Thanks for the meditations.I like up to 15 mins for meditations.
1. Financial security
2.I would like acceptance, loving myself, dissolving procrastination,decision making.believing in my self.

Thank you so much Matt! I like the 6-10 minute ones. What’s up for me? Surrender, combined with stepping into my power and staying comfortable. Allowing love in. Stretching my ability to give and receive love. Taking it all lightly!

thank you so much Matt. your meditations bring me a deep feeling of peace and serenity beyond anything I can describe, I relax in to Knowledge that everything is being taken care of and I can just relax and be my essence gentle,loving,and warm.
5 minutes opens me up to connecting to the stillness in me
I would like to reach out to compulsive overeaters who are looking for relief from the obsession and compulsion of compulsive overeating. I have been given a daily relief and i have known peace and freedom I have never known.
thank you with all my heart for being in my journey

Thank you for these respites from the daily grind. I find they help me move into contemplative prayer more easily.
5 minutes is O.K. but they could be longer to help detach further from the current reality around me.
I am lucky to be retired, and talking with God is a natural thing if I am not in a hurry.
I ask that he bless you and your activities.

Hi Matt,

I enjoy your meditations – I recently bought “A joyful stress-free you” and it’s worth every penny!
Personally, I prefer 20-30 minutes to fully relax.
I’m still struggling with financial prosperity, life purpose and health issues.

Thanks a lot!


Wow, Matt, this was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing meditation! I’ll be listening to this every day!
I find guided meditations essential to my well-being and listen to one or more every day. Shorter ones (10-15 minutes) are easier to fit in and make for lovely breaks during the day.
My goal and vision is for me to delete all of the negative programming I’ve received during the early part of my life, which still affects me on a deep level. I feel that this is the reason why my body has been holding on to a lot of extra weight all of these years, which I haven’t been able to shed no matter what I’ve tried.
My goal is to fully embody myself, to come to love and accept all of me just the way I am, to help every cell within my body feel safe and loved and deeply nourished, so my body will no longer feel the need for protecting itself with extra weight. Really, it’s all about coming home to myself and moving forward into the vibrant, healthy, joyful life that is waiting for me.

dear Matt i think you would feel a bit reluctant to reply me as i m from pakistan but i want to narrate an answers to your questions as feel good listening your meditation.
1.for me 10min meditation is ideal time.
2. i want to learn about developing concentration and consistency. i want love in my life which is badly lacking right now.

waooo! now am feel comfort though i got stress! of hate to love because every one i love.end to cheat me. ithink is because am poor and havent money thats the point of the pain i i dont want a stress again is better to stay alone rather than have tanzania girls who dont know the mean of love and think that love is money. now i open my new page of seaching good life and hate love.tanx matt am enjoying meditate whill thinking for my new life

Yes would like to continue with emails. Short meditations stops my distracted mind talking over negative past.

Current issues grief, guilt and frustration when wishing to do something but very disorganised.

Thank you :o)

Yes Matt like the mail with short meditations really need something on grief,I just lost my son the end of May 2014 and am having problems getting my life back on track

Great meditation.
I have been away walking the Camino so could not listen to or read all my emails.
Please keep them coming.

I sincerely enjoy these meditations! However lately, I have been caretaker to my 90-year old dad and have not had time to sit for any length of time to even go through my e-mail. So an 8-10 minute meditation would work well for me.
1- I need help in relieving stress and angst.
2- The biggest problems in my life right now is again “stress and angst”

I love ur meditations skill and wld be okay wit 5min possible on over coming depression,stress at work and emotion

I really like the short meditations, especially on the subject of gratitude.

2. I would like to attract more financial prosperity and emotional freedom

Hi Matt
Yes please, I would love to still receive your meditations, so please dont cancel. I was in Singapore for a long time and could not open or read my emails.

Hi Matt, I enjoyed this meditation on gratitude and wish to continue receiving them. 10 – 15 minute meditations are perfect for me.

I liked the short meditation on gratitude. I am in need of cleansing my subconscious of negative influences. I would like to be financially free. to have the ability to heal those around me all of Gods creatures. I have been very busy this last little while.

The audios is very relaxing, normaly I do not have a lot of free time so 5-10 min is good for me, but I do enjoy the longer ones when I have time.
Current focus areas for me is learning my life lessons and enjoying the time I have with my loved ones.

Love the short meditations, so those are fine for me.
And I am working on attracting more prosperity, being able to do the work that I love and learning how to heal disease. Thanks!

I love the short meditations like 8 to 10 minutes and I’m learning to attract more financial freedom so I am able to do the work I love most and helping people with doing the same and healing diseases. So please continue to send me your emails! Thanks!

Yes I really like the short meditations. I am working on attracting more financial freedom, so I am able to do the work I love most. And learning how to heal disease.
Please keep sending me your meditations, thanks!

Thank you so much , I like the short meditations, especially about financial freedom and abundance in any direction.

Sure will like to continue. have been very stressful, angry and bitter latterly. Nothing seems to interest me. Meditations to clear stress and excess baggage and revive.

A 20 min meditation when I wake up is the perfect way to start my day. I would like to be able to feel productive in the evening rather than just watching tv.

I am in place where internet is real slow andhave to pay by mb, so to watch movies and listen to audios come at a great price

well if you are going to threaten removal from your special meditations because I haven’t had time to listen to them due to family crisis situations, than I guess you are not for me. But if you allow me to listen to your meditations on my schedule, then I would be glad to stay on your list. I don’t do well when being threatened to be removed from scam. It does not sit well as being very ZEN. You may want to rethink your tactics.

If I don’t listen to your meditations on your schedule, it is no reflection on you or the meditations. I’ve been seriously ill. My need is good health. Please continue, and 10-20 minutes is good. Thank you.

The emails are a lil harassing and they make me feel dictated to, not like I am doing it, or making a choice on my own free will. I feel forced into responding right away. Like a used cars salesman has been stigmatized as. I really like your story and where you come from…but I have been in the marketplace of life shopping around and there is an abundance of material. I like being drawn to things, situations, and people who are resonating at the same frequency as I am. Its for my higher good and the higher god of those around me.. If you had all these life experiences, what of the path of least resistance? What of tolerance? What of non-judgment,? It feels like your money, or ego blocks are maybe pushing what would otherwise be potential and active customers away by your advertising department or whomever is writing your emails…I find them rude and intrusive, just like some of our Big Government shoving around the Little people…just a word of Love and Advice, since you have forced me to response or else, you will delete me or throw me in the trash…really…that doesn’t resonate wit me, I pray you peace, love and abundance on your journey, and that you attract the people you need to serve to you, so you all can give and take and receive blessings in the higher good…

I like the length of this meditation – I’m focusing on future decision making about work, where to live and how to help my special needs son feel he is reaching his potential.

Thank you, Matt for the wise and wonderful meditation. Each and every phrase touched my heart and I resonated with truth and gratitude. In my prayer time I have been seeking to be in perfect alignment with Source/Spirit. I have been given several clear messages in the last few days that have clearly said that what is needed is already here now and to relax and receive. Your beautiful meditation just underscored what the Universe’s answer is. Most gratefully, Rita

all is well…. being open to this awareness makes is all possible….being always open to change.

1. Yes, I enjoy the short meditations that are so uplifting and connect me to that quiet place that is sometimes elusive in my morning meditation.
2. I still need to get out of my own way, to trust my intuition and guidance, and to speak in my own voice what I’m here to be/do.
Thank you!

Wonderful meditation Matt 🙂 I felt so at at peace and reassured as I listened and this is a perfect way to start my day! Thank-you for this lovely meditation. This length of meditation is just perfect as sometimes I want to listen to your meditations for manifestation that I just purchased but never have a chance to listen them. I also loved your previous gratitude meditation (which I think is around 15 minutes) and Kevin’s inner smiling meditation.I would say any meditation up to 15 minutes is best.

Thanks guys and gals! Glad you enjoyed the meditation and thanks so much for the feedback! 🙂

Thanks Matt , taking a little break for meditation is avery worthwhile exercise .

For the last 7 years my design company has been fighting the effects of a world wide recession and there has been many casualties . Its only since October last year that I have bought into the Law of Positive Attraction and we are beginning to see the benefits of it.

It is not easy to follow LoPA and every so often there are setbacks that pull you back into that negative mode . Your meditation material helps to draw you back to a positive mode of thought . I think the short 5 to 8mins are good for short sessions during working hours . Its important that my mood as head of this design establishment is positive and full of good will, this is passed on to my team the better the atmosphere the better the design product .

In my own time longer sessions 10 to 20 mins are good to build that belief in the feel good factor and Meditation is a great aid in stopping the malevolent voice in your head taking control
I hope these thoughts are of value to you
Geo Thomson


I do enjoy the meditations; I just often don’t take the time to actually do them 🙁
Biggest goal: being a better parent, which means finding a way to cut back at work without overburdening a colleague.
Greatest problem: anxiety

This was lovely thank you. 1. 10-20mins.2.Trying to reinvent mtself and a new cateer. Self belief,gratitude, srlf love, abundance

I like the length, 8 mins., maybe even 10. I would like to have the music volume down a wee bit. There were times I had difficulty getting the words over the music. Other than that, I loved it. 🙂

Love these. It’s been a horrific year, in one week, 3 days time back to back, I lost my dad on Tuesday, my son flew to a state far away to move out Wed, and I lost my home and was homeless Thursday. 3 days loss after loss. I’d love to have meditations for calming, inner strength, peace, etc.

I’m one for long meditations and even sleep hypnosis. So I love tracks 30 minutes to 8 hours. Thank you for all you do. It’s a gift.

It has been a while. This meditation was beautiful. Thank you! Honestly, I think this is the first meditation audio I have seriously listened to and I did enjoy it very much. My preferred length of an audio would be 8-10 minutes in length and topics would include abundance attraction, creating a greater feeling of gratitude and love as well as maybe learning how to send my love over great distances to my daughter because she is so far away.

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