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Feel Stuck In Life? Not Sure Why? Try This “Perfect Sense” Meditation!

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Why We Feel Stuck In Life And What To Do About It

We all have times and situations when we feel stuck in life. There may be repeated tension, conflict, or various pains and suffering in these situations. We might feel like we’re hitting our heads against the wall and trying so hard, yet things just don’t seem to fall into place. The worst part is not knowing why we feel stuck in life.

Signpost of TimeWhat if there’s a message in these situations that we’re missing? What if everything really is set up perfectly, but we’re not seeing how to go with what is actually happening? What if there’s something we can learn from the way things are, so we can go expand into something more?

In the following mini meditation, called “Perfect Sense,” I’ll guide you into a state of relaxation and then ask you to call to mind one situation in which you’re feeling stuck in life. I’ll then guide you to tap into inner guidance to open up that situation in a whole new way.

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One reply on “Feel Stuck In Life? Not Sure Why? Try This “Perfect Sense” Meditation!”

Thankyou. Just short of 7 mins but felt like a half hour meditation.
Your voice is so calming. My mindchatter didn’t get a look in.
That never happened before. This meditation is what I have been trying unsuccessfully to do myself.
You were successful because you thwarted the mindchatter immediately.


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