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Does THIS bother you? PLUS Killer Meditation to Deflect Aggressive Resistance!

Does it bother you? When you look at your life and see you’re NOT getting the results you want? Or when you see disturbing things going on in the world… played over and over in the news?

When things aren’t going how you’d like, it’s important to “take the power back,” but to do so in the best possible way! The energy of ANGER cuts through victim-consciousness like a hot knife through butter…

taichi1And that’s a wonderful stepping-stone to higher states of consciousness, but ultimately being ANTI what you don’t want only FEEDS what you’re resisting – “What you resist persists”, yes?

A better way, to be both happier and more practically effective in any situation, is to accept whatever APPEARS to be happening, at least internally. Then, whether you take action or not externally, you will be the most effective.

Just like in martial arts, if you resist your opponent’s attack, you are enabling what you don’t want. The intelligent martial artist knows how to “accept” and re-direct the “unwanted energy” and turn it to his or her advantage.

The following meditation will help to stop feeding what you don’t want. From this place of non-attachment you’ll find yourself far more empowered to turn circumstances in your favor, and be “for” what you DO want.

Just find a comfortable position, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Enjoy the “Acceptance Meditation” HERE –>>>

Enjoy it, 🙂

– Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

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