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Guided Meditation: Being At Ease In Your Life

Yellow leaf in blue waterIf you ever find yourself over-reacting, over-whelmed, or just plain over-doing it, there’s a powerful practice that can help you come back to center and feel at ease.

That practice is mindfulness.

According to mindfulness expert, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness is non-judgmentally paying attention on purpose in the present moment.

Practicing mindfulness can create deep relaxation and enable you to respond to events and experiences with more insight, compassion, and creativity and less attachment, tension, and reactivity. Mindfulness meditation can generate a relaxed, yet alert, state of heightened awareness in which you calmly witness what is happening inside and around you without being attached to the thoughts, images, feelings, sounds, or sensations that stream through your awareness.

The following mini mindfulness meditation will help you be at ease in your life. After listening, I’d love to hear your Comments about how it went. Also, please share with your family, friends, and co-workers through the social sharing buttons at the top of the site.

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