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Welcome to “Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!”

Welcome, I’m Matt Clarkson, and I’m very excited you are joining me for "Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!" Please play the short video below for a quick introduction. Then proceed to your daily session below:

Beginning Monday, January 19, and for the following 7 days, you will receive a short audio session, along with several accompanying exercises and processes.

Each daily session will last about 30 minutes and will be accessible here for 24 hours for free (from 12:00am EST – 11:59pm each day). You also have the option to upgrade, download the complete program, and enjoy permanent access to listen to all the sessions anytime, anywhere. (Thank you – it’s what makes the free event possible!)

How To Get Started

Click the link below to proceed to today’s session.

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2 replies on “Welcome to “Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!””

Tried to upgrade but I’m not able to type name, address, etc into the purple part. The arrow disappears and does not allow me to type.

Hi Pat. If the arrow disappears, try typing anyway — you should still be able to type :). Otherwise I recommend trying a different browser to the one you’re using — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc. I forwarded your request to our support department, but here’s the direct link if you need it for future reference: