The Millionaire Mindset

QUESTION: “I can’t afford it?”

With the end now clearly in sight, I hope you’re enjoying “The Millionaire Mindset” sessions.  It’s been fun, hasn’t it? 🙂

Large numbers have already upgraded and secured their “mystery bonus” and 40% savings. People are LOVING the sessions and I hope you are too.

Now, I received the following question which I want to address:

QUESTION: “What if I can’t afford the upgrade?”

Maybe that’s how you were feeling, too?

No worries — we ALL feel that way sometimes. (Even millionaires, after they become wealthy!)

But because you signed up to raise your abundance consciousness, I’d be screwing up if I didn’t ask you to carefully consider….

 “Is that really true?”

LOOK.  In reality, the upgrade costs less than a daily cup of coffee for one month.  See for yourself. So if you were telling yourself “I can’t afford it,” please check inside and ask yourself this:

“Is it really true, that I can’t afford it?”

Now I appreciate sometimes it feels that way…

But that’s just a feeling, isn’t it? And “feelings only lie”, right?

In actual fact, if you feel that you can’t afford the upgrade, then that means you REALLY need it bad. Here’s why — 

Because it’s only when you immerse yourself in the mindsets of abundance that you’ll finally escape the mind’s lie of “not enough”.  (And sadly, most of the planet are suffering with the lie of “not enough” right now. To break free, you have to choose now to be abundant).

And here’s something else to consider…

We talked about this in Session 5 which revealed Millionaire Mindset #4: “I Invest In High-Leverage Opportunities, First”….

This means that if you want to be DONE with the mindset of poverty and scarcity, then you must reduce wasteful consumption, and INVEST in opportunities that will actually increase your abundance in the long-term. That’s the only surefire way to become abundant. Makes sense, right?

Now this doesn’t have to be my program.  There are many good ones.

But what I’ve tried to do with “The Millionaire Mindset” is condense the essential mindsets of abundance into a simple form, one that you can easily digest (and more easily afford).

These recordings are short (30 min. per day on average) and lots of FUN to listen to. Unlike other programs, “The Millionaire Mindset” doesn’t require lots of “work,” “study” and “time” to get results. I designed it to be super-easy and fun for you.

I also made the program very affordable for absolutely anyone – everyone can redirect $1 a day of junk spending, when you really choose to do so.

So the bottom line is this:

If you feel you can’t afford $1 per day to put yourself on the path to financial security, abundance, and freedom, then you really need it. And I’d be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t remind you of that.

But, at the end of the day, I can’t make you transform your abundance, nor would I want to.  Only you can choose abundance for yourself.

Truthfully, I designed “The Millionaire Mindset” so everyone can afford it, and I strongly encourage you to make a good decision for yourself and your loved ones.

I hope you choose to get the upgrade, download all of the sessions, and listen to them over and over on any device you want. If you do it before the end, then you’re also getting savings of 40% and the mystery bonus, which I think you’ll REALLY enjoy.

And finally, whatever you choose, I want to thank you for being with me on this journey. I hope you enjoy the remaining sessions and feel you’ve got a lot out of this series. I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing it with you, too. 🙂

Once again, thanks again for being with me, and I will see you soon!

Best wishes,

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. Do yourself a favor and get “The Millionaire Mindset” downloads before the deadline.  Upgrade before the end of the event and get my mystery bonus and savings of 40%.  If you’re ready to release scarcity and embrace massive abundance in your life, then maybe you’re receiving this email, right now, for a reason:

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