How To Clear Anything In 7 Days

HTCA Day 4: “How To Feel Whole, Complete, And Worthy Within Yourself!”

Welcome to Day 4 of “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days!” Follow the steps below for today’s sessions:

STEP 1: Play The Audio Session:


STEP 2: Play The 11-Minute Guided Meditation:


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STEP 3: Post A Comment And/Or Journal Your Experiences!


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– Matt

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It’s working for thousands of people, so there must be an issue on your side. Please be sure you have tried ALL of the suggestions I’ve sent you —

I recommend clearing your cache and re-loading the page.

If that doesn’t work then please use a different browser to the one that isn’t working (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc.)

On mobile devices, if the audio stops before the end, or if ever get an error message that says “you don’t have permission to access the audio,” then simply refresh the page and that should solve it.

If that doesn’t work then I recommend using a different device. A desktop device is probably best, but you may need to clear your cache and try different browsers.


Matt- I have done this “meta” meditation so many years ago. In therapy I did inner child work and am aware of my stuck pattern and it’s root cause. Here I am so many years later apparently in the same place but with a greater awareness of how I ” deal” with the ” bad” feelings eg projection etc.
When stuck I still feel I can’t say yes or no/ take responsibility for action.

Hi Sylvia,

Here’s a new perspective that will help you break free:

Can you see that what you’ve just said is a story based on beliefs about the past? After all, you can’t be 100% certain how you’re going to respond going forward. But if you continue expecting that will be true in the future, then you’re reinforcing that expectation and making it so for yourself.

So, in this moment, can you be open to the possibility that story is just a memory?

Viewing patterns in this way will help you stop the cycle of reinforcing them over and over. See Day 5 for more on this. This is just another tool in your toolkit to be used in conjunction with all the others



Hi Matt,
I am currently listening to the audio now and I can already relate to those feelings you mentioned of beating ourselves up when these negative feelings and health issues come up again. Especially when I have had a really great week and then in the morning I feel that negative emotion and then it’s on my mind for the rest of the day.

Amazing how many things this meditation brought into my awareness. All the reasons I sabotage myself. Thank you!

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