How To Clear Anything In 7 Days

HTCA Day 1: “What Do You *Really* Need To Know To Clear Anything?”

Welcome to Day 1 of “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days!” Follow the steps below for today’s sessions:

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STEP 3: Play The “Zero-Point Clearing” Meditation:


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– Matt

34 replies on “HTCA Day 1: “What Do You *Really* Need To Know To Clear Anything?””

Hello Matt-
Thank you for your ‘welcoming’ meditation on this first day of your series. I personally am curious about the remainder of the the next 6 days- the other tools that you will present to us. I am of course interested in having ‘it happen to you’ instead of you trying making it happen. I have found over many years that my peace of mind is lacking because my default channel of being is either- a replay of painful unresolved memories, or simply the perpetual momentum of the sting of those bad feelings, effectively sustaining depression and anxiety. In other words, the struggle to remember to accept and welcome everything versus getting caught up in bad feelings results in paralyzation itself. I am looking for the shift. The stable place where the bad feelings are conceptually invalid. Where presence, acceptance and welcoming become more powerful than the human realities of anger, the need for redemption or justice, traumatic memories.
I appreciate your offering and look forward to the rest of your series!

Hi Jerry,

Thanks fort sharing, and you are not alone in feeling that way. It is absolutely possible to clear all of this stuff out — you just have to be persistent and keep going!


Dear Matt,
I really liked your first session. It made SO much sense, but in fact, will take me some time to practice welcoming and mindfulness.

Your meditation was BEAUTIFUL. For the first time, I was SO relaxed and had an easier time focusing on what you were saying. Ordinarily, meditation is very difficult for me because my body is in motion and my mind is in the negative mode. I try every day for 30 minutes.

You have a REAL GIFT of communicating what you believe. I’m sure it took you some time to arrive at where you are now.

I’m looking forward to your next presentation. In the mean time, I’m going to really try to focus on what’s happening NOW.



Hi Jerry
I absolutely understand the state of paralysis which can be the result of getting caught up in circling thoughts and emotions, trying and trying to fix things.Matt’s course has come as a very pertinent and welcome reminder of the power of love and acceptance for all my experience at the moment. I hope you and everyone seeking help will find this practice healing
Very best wishes

Hi Peter — email sent to all upgrade clients yesterday. Please check your email, including junk mail folders and contact us if you still need help. Matt

Thank you, Matt, for the first session. Really enjoyed the meditation, so much so, in fact, I went back for a second time! Looking forward to the rest of this event. Also appreciate how your welcoming of anything reminds me of the teachings in Vipassana meditation..the non attaching and just allowing. Thank you.

Thank you, Matt, this is a great start! Did anyone else have trouble with the meditation audio? Mine stopped a few times and then completely quit at about 8 minutes.

Hi Folks,

Glad you’re enjoying the material πŸ™‚ Just a quick reminder as per my emails — on Apple devices if you get an error that says “you
do not have permission to access the audio,” then please refresh your browser and that should solve it.

Beyond that, everything looks to be working well on our end with the vast majority able to stream the audios just fine. If you’re still having issues, you may need to check your computer is correctly set up to play audio.



Hello Matt,
I tried different meditations and had different experiences but today’s meditation left me with unimaginable bad feeling. I was almost suffocated and choked after welcoming all my emotions. Why is that? Was it meant to do that?

Hi Fariha,

If we’ve been suppressing a lot of junk for a long time and suddenly do the opposite, then sometimes there can be an intense unloading effect. This is a good thing.
The trick is just to watch, welcome and allow as best you can, knowing the material will pass through awareness in time. (Let go of the drama and see if you can just allow it to pass through).
When dealing with this kind of my thing myself, I’ve found it helpful to get the body moving (see Day 2) and let go of all the judgments about it — just use the mindfulness and welcoming skills and “watch”.

Well done and keep going!


Hi Matt,
I have some experience with meditation, and usually find it deeply relaxing, but this was different – I was aware of areas of tension and discomfort in my body. Breathing into it and welcoming the sensations actually intensified it and I felt a heavy weight pressing down on my shoulders and strange cramps in my lower back. It made me feel twitchy and restless as well as rather frustrated. I’ve had a tough year and perhaps a lot of what’s occurred has become trapped in my body. I look forward to releasing it!

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing, and what you are describing is very normal.

Although there’s nothing wrong with “feel good meditations” — they definitely have their place — this is a “core level” approach and will definitely stir up material held in the unconscious so it can be permanently cleared.

While the clearing effect is not always pleasant in the moment, the results are deeper and long-standing.

Give yourself a pat on the back for beginning the work, and keep going! πŸ™‚


I am a day behind inn the HTCA! Never before in my life have I felt such despair and hopelessness because I’ve always been a positive upbeat person. I look forward to clearing the ‘junk’ causing my depression and return to being happy and hopeful! Thanks for the SPLENDID welcoming meditaion. I’m going to listen to Day 2 later today and get caught up.

Observing the thoughts and welcoming them was much easier than trying to shut them down as I have been trying to do during mediation. I’ve only just begun this journey about a week ago but I can already feel the positive vibes. With your lessons I think meditation will start to come easier. Thank You

Hi Matt, thank you for this 10 min treat. I have been doing Mindfulness for the past 2 years so I know that welcoming thoughts, feelings and pain are so important.
Blessings Susan.

hi matt! thank you for the welcoming meditation practice. it was amazing. i am really grateful to receive your assistance to help me out of my problems. this is truly a blessing for me. thank you, thank you, thank you, matt!

Oh you’re welcome! πŸ™‚ And do listen to ALL the sessions — they full series give you a complete “clearing toolkit” that will serve you well for the rest of your life. It’s only after listening to all the sessions that you’ll have the complete picture and intuitive knowing. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Thank you again Matt for this great meditation. And to all of you who are here for the first time enjoy this sessions with Matt, He is a real man of Meditation


Hi ! I came across this and signed up because I’ve been experiencing really bad anxiety. Some days I can’t even leave the house and can never ever pick up the phone to make a call. It’s so stressful and I’m always feeling like I’m weird and lost. Looking forward to the next 7 days. Thank you !

On day one of attempting to clear some negative thought processes that have been bugging me for sometime. Hope this helps! Thanks for the resource

This is me, I am here today. I have been feeling at a loss because I have been failing at helping my 13yo with coping with PTSD. I have asked the universe for help and the universe has delivered me methods such as this one That I can do to assist me with the emotions I feel in my perceived failure and I can share them with my son(s). As you described Matt, getting out into the social world can be tough and every morning I struggle and sometimes fail to get him off to school. I tell my son One foot in front of the other keep moving forward and your mind will have to catch up. Sometimes the shoes we wear are full of concrete and this is what I feel it is like for him. Sometimes for me too.

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