How To Clear Anything In 7 Days

11 Reasons To Get The “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days” Upgrade!

I hope you’re enjoying “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days”!

Whether you get the upgrade or not, it is my sincere hope and intention that you USE these techniques in your life and see everything transform for the better.  I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you, too.

At this point, I just wanted to give you a “heads up” that the event is closing soon. This means that time is also running out to get the incredible deal on the upgrade package (see below for details).  Here’s 11 reasons why you really should get the upgrade today! 

Ready? Here we go —

1) Because life is too short to endure negative emotions and destructive patterns over and over again.  (I used to suffer with severe anxiety and depression-like symptoms, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. With these clearing audios at your fingertips, there’s really no need to suffer with negative patterns anymore. You can clear it all out and feel radiantly alive – really.  But you have to choose freedom, or you will never get it.)

2) Because choosing to be a victim (and/or blaming others for your stuff) only makes things worse, for you, and for everyone else.  It’s only when you accept responsibility for your “shadow” that you can enjoy a positive outcome — for you, your community, and the planet as a whole.

3) Because to defeat any “big” negative pattern, you need a comprehensive strategy.  All negative patterns have the same mental / emotional / physical / spiritual structure.  In other words, your pattern is a gestalt which reinforces and increases itself, keeping you trapped.  When you have the tools to address any pattern on EVERY dimensional level, now you can “divide and conquer”.  No negative pattern can ever overpower you ever again.  Is that worth $29 to you? (I really wanted to make this one affordable for everybody!)

4) Because trying to think and feel positive (as most self-help approaches advocate) does NOT bring about the deepest transformation. While there’s a place for welcoming the positive, most of your progress will come from clearing out the negative.  Why?  Because the sense of perfection, wholeness, and peace that’s already at your core does not need to be programmed positive.  The perfection at your core is already more positive than the mind could ever fathom.  Therefore, the real work of transformation is not about re-programming, but uncovering.  The upgrade gives you these core essential clearing skills and techniques.

5) Because real transformation is NOT a “get rich quick” deal.  Even though what you are is already perfect, the secret of deep transformation is repetition and deep immersion in the fundamentals of inner clearing.  It’s a lot like driving a car.  When you first learn to drive, you’re concentrating hard on all the details — the road, the steering wheel, the indicator lights, the brakes, the accelerator etc.  But after lots of repetition, driving becomes automatic and natural, right?  Once that happens with the clearing tools, you find you’re doing it automatically all the time,  That’s when you get the quantum leap into ecstatic aliveness. Upgrading gives you the opportunity to do that easily and effectively.

6) Because when you get the upgrade, you can download everything in the next few minutes.  You can play all of it whenever you want on any device you want. Are there times when you feel stressed or overwhelmed?  That’s when you can listen to the meditations and feel relaxed and released.  And why not turn your dead time driving to work or cleaning the house into a powerful “me-time” ritual that will support and nurture your entire life? Upgrading gives you that.

7) Because the world needs MORE “clear folks” and teachers, to save human beings and the world from our own insanity.  This doesn’t necessarily mean writing books, coaching, and leading classes, although it might.  We all teach through who we are, how we “show up,” and how we choose to live our lives.  What will you choose to teach the people in your life? If we want to see this world thrive and not die, each of us has a responsibility to complete the work and then help others do the same.

8) Because even if you had a big clearing breakthrough, you’re not “done” until you’re DONE.  You haven’t finished the job until there is NO MORE IDENTIFICATION whatsoever, and no more dark corners of your psyche.  (I don’t consider myself done, although I feel pretty…. pretty…. pretty…. good 99% of the time). Look. You’re not done until there’s nowhere you dare not tread — until you feel so radiantly alive and happy each moment that you are literally BUZZING WITH JOY all day long. With these tools and a little consistent focus, this is very achievable too.

9) Because your transformation is the most important thing in your world.  And even if money is tight, most people could find a way to get $29 together if they really, truly wanted to (i.e. if someone put a gun to your head? LOL). Reality check – $29 is the equivalent of your daily cup of coffee or a couple of cinema tickets (everybody has some “dumb expenses” they could forgo if they really wanted to).  Which is more important to you?  Which will you choose?

10) Because when you upgrade before the event closes, you’re already saving 40% now and getting the “Fast Action Bonus Pack” thrown in for free.  I’m giving you such an incredible deal because I truly want you to immerse yourself in these audios, because I know the more you do, the deeper the clearing will go, and the more liberated you’ll be inside.

11) I’m not a “big” company with big overheads.  I’m a one-man operation with a small team of great people supporting me.  By upgrading, you’re not just supporting your own inner clearing journey.  You’re also supporting my work and helping to keep transformational events like this one free for all, which to me is a very positive thing.

So there you have it.  11 reasons why you should get the “How To Clear Anything In 7 days” upgrade today. Remember, the event closes any day now and so does this super-special deal.

Please! Do yourself and everyone a favor — get the upgrade today, download everything right now , and choose to be fully liberated!

And finally, whatever you choose, I’d like to thank you once again for your participation in “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days”.  I’ve enjoyed it and I hope it’s been a positive experience for you too. 🙂

Thanks again,

Matt Clarkson

P.S. Just curious.  Which is these 11 reasons did you find those most compelling?  Let me know in the Comments section of your order! 🙂 Here’s the link you need to download the complete “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days” package. Remember to do it before the event closes to get these limited-time bonuses and save 40%. Full details and get the upgrade here:



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