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Your Core Energy Meditation FAQs

We’re getting all kinds of questions about Core Energy Meditation, which I will answer in today’s email.

Also, the deadline to get the 4 awesome bonuses (see below) included with your order is Sunday, at 11:59pm EST.

>>>> Here’s your answers to FAQs:

Q. What is Core Energy Meditation and why is it so popular?

A. Core Energy Meditation is the only natural meditation system that activates your 3 major energy centers — Body, Heart and Mind — so you can finally super-charge your vibration and attract the life you truly desire!

Q. What makes it unique?

A. So many “meditation” programs these days focus only on the brain, or what we call, your “Mind Center”.

While there’s definitely a place for that, only Core Energy Meditation gives you the feeling of wholeness and integration that comes from connecting your three main energetic centers together — Body, Heart and Mind — through one simple and effective daily practice!

Q. What do you think about “brainwave meditation” or “binaural beats”?

We’re not huge fans. 🙂

If they work for you, then great. Each to their own. But since you asked, we think there are several issues with “binaural beats” or “brainwave entrainment”.

First, “brainwave entrainment” is often touted as “meditation,” which it really is not. The two practices are totally different.

Real meditation begins with ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT.

You are learning to recognize your thoughts, feelings, and tensions. You nurture and develop the skills to release yourself from the grip of your thoughts, feelings, and tensions; and you learn to consciously focus your mind as you will.

In the beginning this is an ACTIVE process — something you are doing rather than something being “done” to you.

Q. What else makes Core Energy Meditation different?

For us real meditation is NATURAL, not artificial.

The purpose is to RESTORE your natural, primordial essence (what Kevin calls “Core Energy”). And in our experience, this is not achieved artificially, forcefully, or with short-cuts. In fact, short-cuts can be damaging!

Core Energy Meditation is the only meditation system that NATURALLY activates and balances your three main energy centers — Body, Heart and Mind.

So, with Core Energy Meditation, you’re engaging in the skills of real meditation across all THREE major energy centers: your Mind Center, your Heart Center and your Body Center (and Central Channel to provide the Spiritual integration).

This WHOLE BEING practice is ultimately what raises your energetic vibration and brings lasting peace of mind, in all the ways that truly matter!

Q. Can I read what your existing Core Energy Meditation students have to say?

Yes, we have thousands of amazing Core Energy Meditation students all over the world. You can read a small sample of reviews here:]

Q. How do I practice Core Energy Meditation?

A. It’s really simple — you just listen to the audio and follow along as best you can. Most people start with the 20 minute version before progressing to the 40 minute recording.

Q. What do I get with the Core Energy Meditation package?

The Core Energy Meditation package contains no fluff or filler — only the essentials you need to benefit from the practice itself. You have 2 options:

>>>> The Gold Option

+ Shipped 3CD Set

+ Booklet

+ Instant Downloads

>>>> The Silver Option

+ Instant Downloads Only (MP3s and PDF booklet).

Q. And what bonuses are included?

When you get Core Energy Meditation before Sunday, at 11:59pm EST, you also get these amazing bonuses included:

1) The “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” – Simple meditation techniques to boost vital energy, release stress, and feel joyously alive (without exercise)! (value $39).

2) The “Rapid Manifestation Toolkit” – Simple guided meditations to align with your Core Energy and manifest what you truly desire with speed, ease, and grace. (value $39).

3) The “Clear Quiet Mind Toolkit” – guided meditations to clear stress, clutter, and overwhelm, so you can focus, receive insight, and make better decisions from a state of calm clarity! (value $39).

4) The “Healing Your Heart Toolkit” – guided meditations to activate your heart-energy, self-love, worthiness, and emotional healing! (value $39).

IMPORANT: You MUST place your order before 04-29-2018, at 11:59pm EST to ensure these bonuses are included.

Q. Do you guarantee my results?

Yes! We have a 6 MONTH “meditation that finally works” guarantee. We just ask that you give the practice a fair shot. This means that if you’re going to do it, then you have to actually do it :), and be prepared to allow for some consistent practice. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Q. Does Core Energy Meditation fit with religious faith?

A. Yes, meditation works perfectly well in the context of any religious faith, and even from a totally secular perspective. You won’t find any religious ideology anywhere in Core Energy Meditation, so you can bring whatever works for you.

One way of looking at Core Energy Meditation is that it is simply an effective self-care practice, just like exercising, breathing well, and eating well.

Another view is Core Energy Meditation helps you go beyond an ideological understanding of “God,” and into DIRECT EXPERIENCE (what Kevin calls the “Core Energy State”).

Q. I’ve already purchased, but didn’t get any download instructions?

A. Check your junk mail folder. This solves the problem 99% of the time. If you still need help, please open a support ticket at our friendly Client Support Help Desk.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. We love Core Energy Meditation and we love how it transforms the lives of our students. We want to see YOU elevate your energy, your consciousness, and your life with Core Energy Meditation. That’s why we do what we do. 🙂

So it’s time to make a choice if Core Energy Meditation is for you or not. Hopefully over the last week, we’ve helped you see that it is.

Here’s the link to get started with Core Energy Meditation in the next few minutes:

Thanks, and enjoy your practice!

– Matt & Kevin

The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. I hope this email serves to answer all remaining FAQs!

P.P.S. Remember, you’re fully covered by our incredible 6 MONTH “meditation that finally works” guarantee. But you do need to make a positive choice before SUNDAY, at 11:59pm EST if you want the following amazing bonuses included in your package:

* The “Radiant Health & Vital Energy Toolkit” (value $39)

* The “Rapid Manifestation Toolkit” (value $39).

* The “Clear Quiet Mind Toolkit” (value $39).

* The “Healing Your Heart Toolkit” (value $39).

It’s your choice.

Here’s the link to get “Core Energy Meditation” today:

And thank you 🙂

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