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Working Moms Stress Management Tip – Take a Break

Stressed-out-momAre you leaving work thinking, I got to make it to the day care before I am charged overtime? I do. This is very stressful. Then, you have to pick up your child and make sure their day was okay without skipping a beat. As a working mom, all of these things are done before you have chance to reflect on your day or take a breather.

Working Moms Stress Management Tip: Why take a break?

Before I started taking a break, I use to come home immediately and begin cooking. Then one day a light bulb can on, I always give my son a timed 30 minute break before he begins his homework. Also, he makes sure he gets his full 30 minutes by saying don’t start the clock until I come out of the bathroom or do whatever it is. I decided to take a break too for 30 minutes.

Afterward I felt refreshed and focused, the rest of the night I felt relaxed and not so overwhelmed with trying to get homework complete, dinner ready or prepared for the next day. Even if you don’t have 30 minutes, take a break for 3 minutes it will make a difference. I call a 3 minute break a 3 minute vacation, it is where you think of a happy time and place for 3 minutes without interruptions.

Working Moms Stress Relief Tip: How to take a break?

To take a 3 minute vacation all you need is a timer and a quiet place away from everyone. Then, let everyone know you need peace and quiet for 3 minutes without any interruptions and that the timer going off will signify stopping time. Make sure everyone knows what you mean; even a two year can understand to sit down or be quiet until the timer goes off. A helpful tip: leave the time where the kids can see it, but not touch it or tell them not to touch depending on your child’s age. You might want to have 2 timers on hand: 1 you leave where the kids can see it and one you have will you so everyone knows when time is up.

All moms feel guilty about taking a break, but all moms need one especially working moms. This will help you do all of your many jobs much better. It will lead to reduced stress because you won’t feel like you have to do everything at once. You will think more clearly and take care of important things first.

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