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Working From Home – The Good and The Bad

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIf you’re thinking of working from home, you will soon realize that while this does open up new types of freedom, it can also lead to a lot of stress in many areas of life including your fitness, health, stress levels and your social life too.

I work from home as an online researcher and I’m able to more-or-less set my own hours, which helps to eliminate a lot of otherwise stressful things, like trying to fit your life around a work schedule, or having to commute back and forth in rush hour traffic every day. I’m thankful for my job in many ways, but I have had to work very hard to keep a proper work/life balance. Luckily, I’ve found solutions to a lot of the problems I have encountered.

My Favorite Part of Working at Home

I used to work downtown and it was never fun to race to catch the bus, especially when the weather wasn’t nice. I don’t like waking up early, or being rushed in the morning either. So, overall, my favorite part of working from home is being able to wake up whenever I feel like it, to take my lunch break whenever I feel like it, to stop working in the middle of the day to watch a movie if I feel like – I really enjoy that freedom. Also, if I need to make an appointment for anything, my schedule is always wide open. I definitely don’t miss having to go into the boss’ office with my tail in-between my legs begging for a day off.

The Bad Parts of Working from Home

It’s not all happy-go-lucky once you start working from home; there are a lot of adjustments you’ll have to make! Here’s a look at some of the problems I had to overcome, along with my solutions.

Weight gain and cellulite – Working on a computer all day has its downsides, namely the weight gain. It happened very gradually, then I saw a picture of myself from a few months prior where I was much smaller, then I looked in the mirror and saw cellulite that was never there before and I was like “Wow, okay, time to fix this.” I started making a point to get up from my chair at least once per hour and to spend at least five or ten minutes doing some kind of exercise, whether it was pushups, a few minutes on an exercise bike, or just running up and down the stairs. Making sure to stay moving even with a sedentary job is very important!

Aches and pains – Along with weight gain came some new aches and pains, namely a sore back. The sore back was also from sitting around all day, but when I started standing up every hour and moving around, this got a lot better. I didn’t get any fancy back-supports or anything, but I did eventually upgrade to a higher-quality office chair and that helped too.

Boundaries – It was difficult, at first, to set boundaries for my family while I was working at home. Kids don’t understand that just because I’m at home, and they’ve done school, doesn’t mean that it’s not work time for me. It took a few family chats, but just being upfront that when I’m in my office and the door is closed, then it’s time to leave me alone so that I can get my work done as quickly as possible to spend time with them.

Social Life – Not seeing people at work every day and interacting on the bus with familiar faces really took its toll at first. When I was really busy with work, I would sometimes not leave the house for days. We take for granted how going to work, even when we dread it, can be healthy for us in many ways. I have made a point to take more evenings off, and to spend more time with my friends and it has really helped my mood!

Final Thoughts on Overcoming the Stresses of Working from Home

If you’re struggling with the added stress of working from home, just take a moment to remind yourself of the other stressful things you’re avoiding, and remember that once you’re in the swing of it and you have ironed out the kinks, it can be a very rewarding lifestyle.

Author bio: Lana Wilde is an online researcher and has worked from home for several years now. It took her some time to embrace the perks this way of life comes with. After nearly opting for a weight reduction surgery, she discovered other ways of shedding it off.

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