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Will Tai-Chi Help Build Better Bones?

Bone health is important for overall wellness. Tai-chi is often referred to as meditation in motion and soon it can also be known as medication in motion. There is a lot of study that have uncovered the health benefits of mind-body practice which originated from the Orient. This ancient Chinese martial art has become the go-to practice to prevent a lot of health problems including preserving bone health. The best thing about tai-chi is that you can do it even when you’re out of shape.

Understanding tai-chi

There have been a lot of compelling studies that have linked tai-chi as a complimentary therapy with medications to help people rehabilitate and prevent serious bone injuries. The use of the complimentary therapy can increase the quality of life and improve the bone functioning said some studies. The basic concept of tai-chi is rooted to ancient Chinese philosophy of the flow and movement of energy that is sourced from nature. The Qi or Chi is the energy forces thought by the Chinese that can help people get better. The blocking of the Qi results in disease and bad health. Yin and Yang are the opposing elements that need to be balanced at all times and tai-chi is the way to keep that balance.

Understanding muscle strength

One of the great health benefits of engaging with tai-chi is through the development of muscle strength. Studies have shown that tai-chi practitioners have been enjoying great muscle strength which is also helpful to build better bones. When muscles get developed it creates a pull which ultimately gives more strength to the bones. This could lead to lesser anxiety and stress over conditions that may lead to bone fracture and even dislocations in the event of a nasty fall.

Understanding inflammation

Another great benefit from tai-chi is the fact that it is great against inflammation. This is great news because bone health suffers when there is very prominent inflammation in the body. In a study conducted by researchers from Texas Tech University that tai-chi with cups of green tea has effectively reduced the underlying etiology of osteoporosis and inflammation in the body.

Understanding pressure

Pressure is the basic effects of tai-chi practice. Tai-chi teaches practitioners how to tuck the tail bone to help the spine maintain erection. The slow up and down movement exercises the bones and helps it to become stronger. The repetition of this movement helps the shoulder bones and the bones in the hips, legs and feet.

Understanding the beating

Tai-chi also espouses the principle of beating the bones. Striking an iron-filled bag is the technique which helps martial artists break cinder blocks. This may not be safe for everyone but it can help the bones to get better over time.

Tai-chi has been a great technique to help people achieve calmness as it is known as meditation in motion. People using tai-chi swears that they have achieved elevated mood that has countered anxiety symptoms. But as we all know it is great to help the bones survive the pressures of everyday life by preparing it to become better.

Bone health can largely influence one’s ability to be productive. An individual who suffers from bone illness becomes at risk of anxiety and stress. More information about anxiety can be read at Calm Clinic prweb site.

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