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Why You Should Always Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

trust_your_intuition“Intuition will tell the mind where to look next.” ~ Dr. Jonas Salk, medical researcher, virologist, and creator of the Polio vaccine

There’s a decision to be made in every situation, and every decision brings a different outcome. Who do you consult with when you have an important decision to make?

Do you ask other people for help?  Many of us do but still aren’t comfortable enough with the answers to trust making our final decision.  Then overwhelm sets in and procrastination becomes the order of the day.

Did you know you have a built-in coach and advisor right at your disposal at any time of the day or night that can help you with even the most significant or pressing decisions?  You do.  It’s your intuition.  Stay with me here.  I know you’ve heard of your intuition, so let’s go from there.

The easiest way to describe the presence of your intuition is to remind you of certain words or phrases you likely learned or heard while growing up that were directly related to your intuition but you didn’t know it.

For instance, you likely heard someone say or even said yourself something like “I have a gut feeling” or “trust your gut” or “it just feels right” or something along those lines.  It’s an inner knowing they or you had but didn’t really know why.

You may even have heard your mom say “women’s intuition” when asked how she knew something would turn out the way it did.  All of these sayings are references to your intuition, your inner spirit, God within, inner wisdom, or soul self.  And for the record, intuition is present in all of us.

I’ve written many times about intuition and described how it helps all of us even when we’re not remotely aware of it.  I keep writing about it because I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible understand this built-in connection to their higher spirit, God, Universe, inner wisdom, soul self, or whatever any of us chooses to call it.

It’s a powerful divine guide that will never lead you astray.  It’s also a very large part of the coaching work I do with my clients in helping them learn to shift their thinking and adopt a much higher, positive, and expanded perspective.

There are various how to’s for connecting with your intuition (click here to read one of my articles on connecting with your intuition).  With consistent connection or writing out your intentions or questions, you may also have an intuitive download (click here to read about one of my experiences with an intuitive download).

We all have this inner guidance available to us but many of us still aren’t aware or conscious of its presence and great value.  I realize it can be a bit of a stretch for most people, especially in today’s society, to believe in anything that isn’t physically present before our eyes.  In other words, physical proof they can see.

However, what you will find if you spend some time learning about, going inside, connecting with, and experiencing your intuition first-hand is that you will receive the guidance you seek in one form or another in a variety of ways.  Its presence will also be very clear to you when you learn to recognize even subtle responses.

Your subconscious inner presence – a simple test

Here I’ll give you a simple energetic test you can do that may seem more concrete to you right now than connecting with your intuition through meditation because this energetic test allows for an immediate response.

Keep in mind, however, it only provides a yes or a no response where a good intuitive connection and meditative session can provide a variety of responses from images, to auditory messages, to visions, and more.

This simple to perform energetic test is referred to as a standing muscle test.  Muscle testing is related to intuitive energy in that it’s aligned with your subtle energy or energy centers in and around your body through your subconscious.

Please note there are other forms of muscle testing but this is the one I like and use most for myself.  I do not use it professionally because I am not trained or certified in Kinesiology. Here’s a link to a professional ThetaHealing™ Master Instructor and Practitioner to show you how to properly do this simple test:

In this video, the instructor uses simple statements as examples in her test.  I like to ask a short question about something that’s important for me.  If you do ask a question, be sure the question you ask is clear and concise.

This also holds true for working with your intuition.   When you ask for guidance, be certain your question is very clear, and only ask one question in each session or meditation so you don’t muddy the waters.

If your question is too long or has too many parts when working with your intuition, it will muddy the waters and you’re likely to either get no response or one that doesn’t make sense to you.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid answer.  It just means you may not understand its meaning right at that moment.

I hope this information is helpful to you and encourages you to learn more about the power of your intuition and any other energetic practices that you resonate with.

The key thing to remember when working with any intuitive and energetic modalities and getting responses is that the body, soul (intuition), and subconscious are very aware and attuned to how you feel and your emotional energy.

Why?  Because that’s how it knows at every level what’s right for you and what isn’t–even though you may not.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” ~ Albert Einstein

Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Intuitive Life Strategies and Law of Attraction Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, blogger, and published author. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful lives they love. To learn more about connecting with your intuition and the benefits of Intuitive Life Strategies and Law of Attraction Coaching or to schedule a free consultation with Peggy, please visit her website at

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