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Matt’s Letter From Bali: Why I Need Your Help…. (With Relationships)?

I hope you had a fantastic weekend?  So I’ve arrived safely on “the island of love!” – Bali (see pic below). 

Checked in at my new “Secret Villa HQ” in Ubud, the cultural/artistic epicenter of this magical island.

Would you believe me if I told you that Julia Roberts’ villa (where they filmed the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”) is just up the road? 🙂

Anyways, I’m sitting here tapping away on my laptop, overlooking the beautiful rice fields and palm trees, sipping a cup of Bali coffee (click below to see a pic). 

And I need your advice about something.  Can you spare a minute or two to help?

>>>Click to enable a pic of Matt in Bali.

Don’t worry! This is going to be a lot of fun, hopefully!? 🙂

You might remember a few weeks ago, I wrote to you asking what content and events you’d like to see next?  I also asked, “What’s your biggest challenge or dream is right now in your life?”

Well it turns out, a lot of people said “relationships!” or “attract my soulmate,” so I had this wild idea for a new event — about manifesting ideal relationships — but here’s the twist:

As it happens, *I* am actually in a place right now in my life where I would like to magnetically attract my soulmate or ideal relationship.  Maybe you are too?

So what I’m thinking I might do (if enough people show interest in this – see below) is create a new event/program that guides both myself and “YOU the attendee” through the process of “manifesting your soulmate,” step-by-step.

Of course I’d be putting all my most powerful skills and tools to best use for us all.  At this point, I envision the new event/program might include:

1) Guided meditations – plus various energy rituals to align our vibrations with our desired potential partners!

2) Clearing exercises and meditations – to rapidly and easily move through limiting beliefs and blocks.  The idea being to clear anything holding us back from having what we truly desire.  And here’s where things get interesting…

With all the travelling I’ve been doing, would you believe I’ve actually been out of serious relationship for a year or two now?!  So it’s likely a process like this will bring up some of *my* issues about dating and relationships to be cleared (one or two maybe?)

So, in response to whatever is stirred up — both in myself and the women I meet — what I could do is create the perfect clearing and “soulmate attractor” meditations. This would help us all move through our relationship stuff with ease and grace, while aligning our vibrations with what would be most fulfilling.

** If you’re already in a relationship, this process/event would hopefully help you get even clearer about what would make your existing relationship even more fulfilling (and clear some of the hold-backs to having it).

** If, like me, you’re not currently in a relationship, this event would help you clarify what would be the ideal relationship for you, while releasing any hold-backs to having it, and turning yourself into a “soulmate magnet”.

So my question is, do you like the idea? It’s a little crazy, I know.  Talk about “putting yourself out there!”  But it’s definitely something I’m prepared to do IF enough people are interested.

But equally, if it’s not an event you want to see right now, then I could just as easily do something else for you — maybe on abundance?  What do you think?

If you’d like to see the new “magnetize your soulmate” event here in Bali, then here’s what I need you to do. Please REPLY to this email and say “Yes, Matt!” and answer these quick questions:

1. What type of person would you like to attract (could be within the context of an existing relationship or not – up to you).  Please specify all the qualities you’d like in the person you’d like to draw. 

HINT: My suggestion is don’t be too specific. (I mean don’t say something like, “I really want a one-legged vampire from Pakistan” unless that really is your heart’s desire – be careful what you wish for, even in jest.)

2. Describe your image of ideal relating — what public activities would you engage in together, for example?

3. What do you feel is your biggest roadblock, limiting belief, or inner hold-back that stops you from attracting or enjoying your ideal relationship?

If you want this new event to happen, then please REPLY to this email with your answers!

Both my good self and the Universe look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

– Matt Clarkson

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