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Why Expanding Your Thinking Will Decrease Your Stress and Completely Change Your Life

woman-thinking-1“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~ William James, American Psychologist and Philosopher

Did you know you have the absolute power to eliminate or greatly reduce the stress in your life simply by choosing what you allow yourself to think about?  Did you know that stress is strictly fed by fear of or attachment to a particular outcome?

Well, it’s true. You really can eliminate or at the very least greatly reduce the stress in your life if you understand you have the power to choose what you think about and then be aware of it at all times.

Why? Because being aware of your ability to change your thoughts and staying in that awareness is a powerful expansion of your total thought process.  It allows you to shift your thinking at any time simply by recognizing the thoughts you’re thinking are the very ones that will drag you down the deep, dark rabbit hole of stress.

The emotional and physical discomfort we feel when we’re stressed is directly connected to and caused by the multitude of negative thoughts we think. And, all of these thoughts are caused by fear of or attachment to a particular outcome.

Here’s a simple method I choose to use when fearful thoughts start to rush in when I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in the fear of and resulting anticipation of a negative outcome of some sort.  I simply take a deep breath in, exhale fully, and then ask myself this one simple question: “What if that’s just not true?”

Asking yourself this question immediately causes your mind to shift to the possibility of whatever fearful thought you’re focusing on not being true. That in turn allows you to start asking other positive questions and in turn getting positive answers, ideas, and possibilities.

Just think how much better life is when you expand your thinking and are aware at all times that you have the power to change any thoughts that don’t serve you well, especially those that cause you unnecessary and unrelenting stress.

When you have this new understanding and put it into practice, you’ll soon see that this is just the beginning of the many things we are all coming to know about ourselves. We all have the inner power to expand our thinking, recognize our own ever-present inner wisdom, and make the choice to live happy, fulfilling, and stress-free lives.


Author Bio: Peggy Nelson is a professional Life and Personal Development Coach, owner and founder of Life Your Way Coaching, a published author, and a professional blogger. Her mission is to help people access that part of themselves that allows them to shift their thinking, release fear at every level, experience personal growth and empowerment, and ultimately create fulfilling, happy, and successful personal and professional lives they love. To learn more about the benefits of coaching with Peggy, follow her blog, or to schedule a free consultation with her, please visit her website at

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