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When You Feel Stuck, Let Go

joyIt’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. You put your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and anything else you have left into something. You put yourself into a space of believing that it will come into fruition. You maintain a positive mindset and continue to work really hard at making it happen, and yet you are stuck. This article addresses the issue behind that frustrating feeling and what you can do to put yourself back into the flow.

To put this feeling of “stuckness” into a nice visual context, relax and imagine a fast moving stream. Perhaps you can draw from experiences of white water rafting, kayaking, or sailing. If so, you know that when you are positioned in the middle of that stream, you flow nicely with it. When you sit in the midst of the current, the current takes you downstream and as long as you go with the flow, you wind up where you want to go pretty quickly and with little effort of your own.

Now, imagine somewhere along the way is a barricade of rocks. Whether they are towards the side of the stream or somewhere in the middle, you know that whenever you encounter something that is not moving with the stream, it tends to cause quite a commotion. The way the water hits against rocks can be quite abrasive, albeit rather beautiful to see, but it is always a disruption in the flow of the stream. That feeling of stuckness in your life is much like being a rock amidst your fast moving stream of life. The longer you sit against your stream, the more the water crashes up against you, wearing you down and causing quite the commotion. Fortunately, unlike the rocks, we have the opportunity to choose to unwedge ourselves and continue to get back into the flow of our life.

One of the key concepts Abraham-Hicks teaches is that you don’t have to force anything to happen. We each have our own fast moving stream that is representative of all the desires we have ever asked for- consciously or unconsciously. This stream exists vibrationally and never goes away. The more life we live, the more momentum we bring into our stream. Our fast moving streams will carry us to our desires naturally and gracefully, all we have to do is literally go with the flow.

Maybe this sounds too simple for you. Many of us carry the belief that we have to carry the world on our shoulders, that we have to work really hard or force something to happen. Maybe there is a belief that if you haven’t worked really hard at something, it isn’t worth it. Or maybe you are simply resisting the idea of losing control or falling behind. These are mindsets rooted in fear and lack, and will only perpetuate more of the same. As Abraham teaches, when we step into the flow of our own fast-moving stream, that is the moment when we allow the Universe to assist us in lining up all the cooperative components necessary for our desires to come into fruition. When we line up with our own fast-moving stream, that is when we experience “luck”, coincidences, inspiration, and creativity. When we line up with our stream, that is when we really step into our own genius.

The rapper, Jay-Z, once said in an interview that he almost didn’t continue with his dream of becoming a rapper because the writing process came so easily to him. His grandmother, as well-intentioned as she was, had taught him he should be working hard to achieve anything and since writing rhymes was not what he considered hard work, he almost didn’t see the value in it. Fortunately, he continued with his dream and is now a business mogul worth close to $450 Million. This is a perfect example of someone who stepped into their stream, acted on inspiration, lived their passion, and I’m sure encountered some very fortunate circumstances along the way.

For the rest of us who are in the midst of building our own empires, remember that when you encounter the feeling of being stuck, simply let go. That may mean stepping away from the project for a few minutes, hours, weeks, or just altogether. When we try to force something to happen and it feels like it’s just not going anywhere, we are not in the flow and in fact are resisting our current and its ability to take us to our desire. We are acting as rocks, allowing the stream to beat up against us.

When this happens, what you want to do is get into the space of believing you already have whatever it is you are wanting. Vibrationally, this is truth. Vibrationally, there is no unanswered desire or prayer, it just sometimes takes more time to manifest into our physical reality.  However, if you are asking or praying for something to happen but don’t believe it will come because you can’t see it yet, you are pushing it away. The trick is to believe it is there, regardless of whether you can see or touch it yet.

If you’re acting from the mindset of “I don’t have this, therefore I must work to get it,” you will only continue to attract more circumstances that match “Don’t have it, don’t have it, must force, don’t have it.” I always like to say don’t just act, be inspired. Before you take action, put yourself in a mindset of “it’s on its way.” When you can say this, believe it and really feel it. This is the mindset of abundance, trust, and flow. If you feel stuck, try saying affirmations like, “I’m in the process of manfesting my desire,” “All things come in good time,” “All is well,” “I am so lucky that so many of my other desires have manifested, there’s no reason to fret about this one desire,” “It is on its way,” “I am open to my internal guidance and inspiration,” “When it comes, it will be the most glorious manifestion,” “I’m excited for this journey to my manifestion, I’m going to enjoy the entire unfolding!” Think of some affirmations for yourself that feel good and that represent the mindset that you have it or it’s on its way. The more you play within this space, the more magnetic you are to that which you want.

Take a moment and sense your body after reading the above affirmations. Do you feel more relaxed? Could you feel resistance leaving your body? Your body and your emotions always indicate to you whether or not you are going with your stream or resisting it. It seems quite paradoxical, the idea of letting go of something in order to get it, but if you understand the concept of your own vibrational stream, it is actually quite simple and life-changing.

Once you step into the space of flow and abundance, milk it for all it’s worth. Take notes of all the synchronicities, coincidences, good timing, and good fortune you come across. Write them down and really soak in the feeling of being in the flow. You really want to get into that feeling space because the Universe responds to how we feel. The more you actually feel in the flow the more you will attract other situations that will perpetuate that feeling. Pretty soon you find yourself unwedged and flowing. It will feel like freedom and it will be the very thing that brings you to that which you desire. Pretty soon,  you will see just how easy it is to manifest anything at all.

Author Bio: Madeline Rinehart is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and QSCA Instructor, currently working with people internationally on how to apply the Law of Attraction to fulfill personal and professional desires, relieve stress, and reclaim inner peace and fulfillment. Madeline is the founder of where she partners with other companies such as Dream It Alive and Creative Vision Publications to help spread the knowledge and wisdom of Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Spirituality, and the power of the mind and human potential.

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let go, surrender, allow – all the same thing. This is probably the most important step in the manifestation process. You don’t have to force anything to happen, you just have to step back into your flow. 🙂
“Try to focus on what IS working by ignoring what isn’t” Abraham – Hicks

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