Deal With Stress

What to Do When Your “STUFF” Comes Up!

Panic Attack

Some of us get depressed.

Some of us get upset, jealous, proud, hurt, anxious.

Some of us get ________.

Fill in the blank for your own personal pet madness. Mine recently has been “stubborn defiance”. (Actually I wrote most of this email a while ago and things are pretty good right now).

Our "stuff" (that’s a technical term 🙂 can come up at any time – either during meditation or throughout the course of our day …

Good news …

There’s a SIMPLE secret that will drastically reduce
your suffering and allow you to release it permanently.
I want to share this technique with you now, so let
me explain how it works …

We all know what it’s like to EXPERIENCE our crazy,
dysfunctional ways of being, don’t we? … Or do we?

Actually, NO we don’t.

If we allowed ourselves to experience the emotion
FULLY, the madness would begin to disappear faster than
a warm British summer (pretty fast 🙂

Let me explain … Our dysfunctional patterns run

The emotion takes over the body and we get caught up
in it. Then what happens is that we end up getting
stuck in the resistance. We’re so lost in the fake
identity and the story we’re often not fully aware
of what’s REALLY happening.

In fact, most people could NOT accurately describe
their episode after the fact, even if they wanted to.

Is there another way?

Yes. Next time your "stuff" comes up – let’s play a
game. ("Oh yes! We love games," I hear everyone say 🙂

Pretend that a FILM is being made about you and your
life. First of all, you need to pick a cool actor. I
pick Hugh Grant but you can pick anyone you like. 🙂

To help the lead actor play you accurately – it will
be YOUR job to accurately describe the EXACT process
of what happens in one of your "crazy" episodes.

The actor will need a step-by-step process. Nothing
more and nothing less. Here’s an example of what a
"jealousy process" might look like:

1) I see my wife’s face.
2) I say to myself – "You’re a cheat!"
3) I feel a strong, heavy feeling in my stomach.
4) The feeling spreads upwards into my face.
5) I start screaming and shouting.

I made that up of course. I’m not even married.

(Eligible and attractive women may contact me through
my web site. Please include a full length photo 🙂

But seriously though, what do YOU do when your
"stuff" comes up? Next time it happens, I want you
to pay CLOSE attention.

Get the exact step-by-step process of what you’re
experiencing. This requires TWO things (and here’s
the secret):

1) You stop fighting it. ALLOW it to be as it is.
2) You WATCH it with awareness. Experience it fully.

Try this for yourself and see.

Be fully present with it. You may be shocked at
what happens … or what doesn’t happen.

As soon as you begin to bring FULL acceptance and
awareness into a previously unconscious emotional
pattern, guess what happens? What happens is it
begins to dissolve. It’s the beginning of it’s end.

And that’s what meditation and mind-body training
are all about. It’s about becoming more conscious.

No matter WHAT kind of thought, sensation, belief
or feeling comes up. Allow yourself to welcome it.
Allow it to be, and then let it go as best you can.

Try this for yourself and see. And remember that
this takes practice, so be patient with yourself.

I hope you can see the value in this technique I
have shared with you today. I hope you will APPLY
it in your life and see the results for yourself.
Doing so is the first step in living a life of
awareness, happiness and emotional well-being.

Now, if you’d like to take this to the NEXT level,
I highly recommend you take a serious look at this:

Be happy,

Matt & Kevin

P.S. In my experience, the best way to dissolve all
forms of stress and negative emotion is to train
your awareness. And a great side-effect of meditation
and mind-body training is that you also gain more energy
to create what you DO want in your life.

P.P.S After all, is anything more important than your
health and happiness? Visit this web site to find out:




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