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Weight Loss and Stress – 5 Ways to Cope

emotional-eating-21Feeling under stress? If you’re trying to lose weight, your natural impulse may be to reach for food – don’t. Discover how to cope  and stay on your diet.

Everyone suffers from stress, and there are two primary ways to cope: by using your your body, and by using your mind. Try to use both methods of stress relief every day. Once you learn these new habits, it will be easy to stay on your diet.

Here are five ways to cope when stress threatens to derail your diet.

1. When you’re hungry, drink a glass of water, and then go for a walk. Walk around the block if you’re at home. At work, leave the building for five minutes. Exercise helps your body to deal with the hormones released when you’re under stress. These hormones can damage your body if you don’t exercise them away.

2. Sign up for an exercise program at a gym, or for some yoga classes. Go to your organized exercise sessions at least three times a week. These sessions will not only make you feel better, they’ll also help you to cope with stress – and you’ll look great too.

3. Learn to meditate. Even ten minutes of meditation a day will relieve your stress. The benefits of meditation are cumulative; they will help you to get a difference perspective on your world.

As part of your meditation, visualize yourself at the weight you want to be. Also, visualize yourself making good food choices, and enjoying your exercise. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes.

4. Get creative. Everyone is creative. What did you enjoy doing as a child? If you liked to draw, take drawing class. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, or to make pottery, or to surf. Now’s the time to take up a creative pursuit. Your new interest will relieve stress.

5. Write it down! Whenever you feel stressed, write down the reason for your stress. Describe how it makes you feel. Writing has been shown to relieve stress. Try it.

When it comes to weight loss and stress, these 5 ways to cope work. Try them, and you’ll find that not only does your weight loss make you look different, it makes you feel different too.

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