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Ways to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Are you a prisoner in your own life?The never ending search for ways to overcome anxiety and stress most certainly has increased over the recent past. Work related stress in particular has become more commonplace due to the tough economic environment. Many people have lost jobs and much more. On the other hand those that haven’t suffered jobs losses yet experience constant anxiety attacks over if and when they may lose theirs. As it stand there does not seem to be much relief in sight therefore it is all the more important to find ways to minimize anxiety attacks and to reduce stress.

By consciously adopting certain patterns of behavior we may not be able to rid ourselves of the many causes of stress we encounter, but we can reduce its harmful effects.

Here is a simple survival guide for you reviewing 5 ways to minimize anxiety attacks and relieve the stress that comes with it.

Gain Separation

Gain physical separation as soon as possible to help diffuse the rising tension both within you and the situation itself. Nothing good comes from allowing the ‘cauldron’ to boil over so let it cool off at the first opportunity.

Out of sight out of mind!

Close Your Eyes

If you can not immediately leave the source close your eyes. This allows you a ‘quiet’ moment even in the company of others which will help you regain your composure. Once again ‘cooler heads’ always prevail and when you can not get physical distance ‘escaping’ into your thoughts is the next best thing.

Find Solitude

If possible locate a calmer environment that allows you to process things without the ‘static’ or disruptions you can expect in a busier environment. This will allow you to ‘regroup’ your thoughts and calmly ‘calculate’ your next move without emotions clouding your ability to reason.

Go Outside

There is ALWAYS something to be said about the ‘great’ outdoors. Besides the fresh air and change of scenery the reminder of how grand Mother Nature can be is always humbling and helps put things into perspective.

Breathe Deeply

Oxygen helps you think more clearly and slow up your ‘accelerated’ system by focusing on the deliberate act of breathing. Also when you are very tense the body usually reacts by shortening your breaths thereby adding to the tension you may already be feeling.

Recent times have sent everybody scrambling for ways to overcome anxiety and stress due to the current turbulence in many economies. Work related stress in particular has catapulted through the roof with people losing their jobs or in fear of that possibility. Since these causes of stress are not going away anytime soon we need to adopt certain patterns of behavior that will help us cope with the situation a little better. By exercising the 5 aforementioned techniques above we should be able to take the necessary actions enabling us to reduce stress and maintain a healthier balance in our lives.

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