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VIDEO TRAINING: Using meditation to “manifest” whatever you truly desire

In the last video, we discovered how negative patterns can be released using the “Tools of Inner Clearing”.

I think most people intuitively know these techniques are very effective for this. But what about using meditation to “manifest” whatever you truly desire in life? Is that really true? 🙂

Well I just uploaded a powerful video that answers this exact question… and so much more! The training is called: “How To Use Mindfulness Techniques To Live Your Purpose And Easily Manifest Your Most Exciting Dreams!” and I hope you enjoy it.

—> Watch this powerful meditation live-stream replay here

During the training, you’ll discover….

1) How creating what you deeply desire in life can be a massive shortcut to raising your frequency and “Being the Freedom” that you are! (You’ll get a simple step-by-step process to uncover and create what you want in life without the suffering most feel about dreams and “goals”!)

2) Why too much Inner Clearing is bad for the Soul! (You’ll learn when to use “The Tools of Inner Clearing” and when not to… and what to do instead that works much better!)

3) How to wake up each morning feeling aligned, inspired, and excited to create what you deeply desire!

And how about this….

We’ll cover several meditation techniques to help you discover your Core Desire, release blocks and barriers that sabotage you, and know exactly what to do moment-by-moment to realize your Core Desire and “Be the Freedom”!

If you care about creating your best life, I think you’ll find some of the information and guided meditations here very powerful, important and helpful. Please go listen here:

This was a lot of fun – if you enjoy it please let me know, and do share with your friends. 🙂


– Matt

P.S. The replay is a “thank you” for clients and friends. I’ll be leaving it up for a few days for you but will be taking it down soon after, so do make the most if it. 🙂

P.P.S. Want some help creating your dreams and goals, clearing blocks, and raising your frequency to the next level? I ’m looking for a small number of “serious” clients to work with 1-to-1 to help accelerate your results.

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