Deal With Stress

VIDEO: 4 Secrets To Strengthen Your Energetic Frequency

Do you ever struggle with stress, fear, irritability, and other crummy emotions? (We all do – the world is volatile right now).

Would you like to know how to immunize yourself and loved ones from the CHAOS?

Or would you simply like to FEEL BETTER? Even raise your “normal” baseline and live your life from a HIGHER feeling place?

Then I think you’ll be excited to see this video I made for you:

VIDEO: 4 Secrets To Strengthen Your Energetic Frequency

You’re about to discover…

* The easiest, most powerful thing you can do to boost your energetic frequency instantly!

* Why clearing negative beliefs and emotions may NOT help you live at the highest frequency and create your best life! (And what to do instead…)

* My story of transformation (including why I was kicked out of my Qigong class) and how you can learn from several utterly dumb mistakes I made!

* Why popular teachings about “law of attraction,” “non-duality” and “no-self” can actually cause more suffering. (No worries — see everything in a new light after watching this video!)

If you’re open to the idea of living life from a higher-feeling place, click the link below to get started:

VIDEO: 4 Secrets To Strengthen Your Energetic Frequency


– Matthew

PS. Have you figured it out yet? HINT: This video is all about making the shift to a new way of being that’s filled with light, love, and laughter (it doesn’t work when you watch too much CNN though! I’m good but not that good :)).

PPS. Did you miss the Energy Center quiz I sent for you yesterday? Good news – you’ll see a link to take the quiz above the video here.

PPPS. Here’s a pic of me having lunch on the tropical island of Koh Samui….. 🙂

Matt enjoying lunch, Koh Samui, Thailand