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Using Feng Shui To Reduce Stress

Using Feng Shui To Reduce StressFeng shui is an ancient Chinese art practice that has been around for centuries. The practice centers around creating both outdoor and indoor spaces that are spiritually beneficial.

An area that is decorated with feng shui in mind can help you sleep better, have more energy, and boost your overall mood. Those who believe in the feng shui theory believe that our surroundings have an impact on three major parts of life:

  • Surroundings can enhance the energy that flows through the body, or the chi;
  • Surrounding can get rid of negative energy, or aha;
  • Balance in an environment is achieved by using the five elements of nature: wood, metal, earth, water and fire.

Recent research has even revealed that using feng shui principles can promote well-being at home, work, and even in hospitals. A number of feng shui principles are also common sense. For instance, most people now agree that a TV in the bedroom is a bad idea as it can be a distraction during sleeping hours, and that plants can purify the air in a home and increase health.

Aspects of feng shui are also beneficial for decreasing stress. Getting rid of clutter and throwing away items that are not harmonious with the decor scheme, as well as furniture that is broken or damaged, can lift the mood and create a sense of peace. When the home environment is harmonious, it’s much easier to get a restful sleep, which better equips the body to deal with other stressful aspects of life.

While achieving feng shui at home can be easy, many people don’t know that it’s just as simple to do in their work environments. Keep these tips in mind when you want to make your office or home space a mentally and physically comfortable place to work.


Keep your workspace brightly lit. Dim lighting promotes relaxation and could make you sleepy.


Choose hues that create energy in your office. For instance, red boosts your energy, while blue is more relaxing color. Purple, which is a combination of these two shades, is the color of spiritual awareness. Decorating your office in the right color will promote effectiveness in the space.


Your office space will become a place of reduced stress when you add elements of nature. Decorate with a small moving fountain, fresh flowers and plants, a fish tank, and pictures of nature to soothe your mind.

Fixtures and Furniture

According to feng shui, rooms should only include items that are specific to the function of the room. That means keeping the television out of the bedroom and placing decorative items on high shelves so that the eye is drawn upward and the attention span is improved. Move items that will induce stress far away from the bed, so you won’t feel stressed as soon as you wake up. For instance, don’t keep a list of chores near your bed–this will immediately put your body into stress mode when you should be relaxed.


To achieve the right atmosphere in your space, use aromatherapy oils that encourage tranquility in your bedroom and promote energy in your work area. Scents like juniper, mint and citrus promote mental clarity, while rose, lavender and orange scents make the body feel especially peaceful. If you need to boost your mood, essential oils like lemon, geranium and jasmine help to get rid of mental clutter and depression.

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Karen Sacksteder owns a furniture store in Cincinnati Ohio. She is an expert on the art of feng shui and helps all of her clients improve their lives by implementing feng shui in their homes.

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