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Useful Methods of Relieving Stress by Using Aromatherapy

herbs-stress-reliefFeeling stressed is a natural part of life which we all have experienced. For so long, people have researched into methods to help reduce the influence of stress on our lives. Aromatherapy is one of many that have been shown to reduce and relieve stress and it is a method which I believe everyone should try to see whether it works for them.


The term ‘aroma’ means scent and ‘therapy’ means treatment. In my view, I perceive aromatherapy as an activity where you relax in peace and let the beautiful fragrance oils and aromatic flowers calm your mind and slow down the pace of the world. The way you use aromatherapy and how often is down to which appropriate method is more suitable to your way of life. Some people have “time out” sessions if they have an outburst of stress, others place scented oils or fragranced flowers around their home for continuous beautiful and soothing aromas and some carry these fragrant flowers around with them during their daily activities. You may wish to visit an aromatherapist in your local area who can perform aromatherapy massage on your body using essential oils or lotions; however the sessions are frequent and usually costly. Rather than visit an aromatherapist, many people purchase essential oils or aromatic lotions from their local pharmacy; however before purchasing a consumer must be aware of the risks of using these products as well as any allergies.


Have you ever wondered why perhaps your neighbours, friends or in other people’s gardens they have lavender plants? Apart from their beauty, it is no mystery that they have a strong soothing smell. Lavender is one of the most common fragrances used for aromatherapy, and is one of the most available products on the market. It is no wonder why you see ‘monkey beanie’ products filled with lavender that you place in the microwave, purchased frequently. Apart from looking adorable it is a great way to get the aroma constantly around you, even as you fall asleep. Aromatherapy also offers an alternative and natural method of combating stress rather than turning to drugs and medication.


It is recommended not to partake in aromatherapy activities too frequently as side-effects include feeling sick and having headaches as the aroma is strong. In addition aromatherapy is not suitable if you have epilepsy, high blood pressure and if you are pregnant. If you do have any concerns it is best to contact your local GP as they have the qualification to determine whether aromatherapy is suitable and safe for you. Please be cautious if you have allergies, hay fever, eczema or any other skin related problems as these could cause problems. Essential oils if purchased are not to be used neat on the skin, they have to be diluted before use, however lavender oil and tea tree oil is an exception.

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