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“Unusual” Way to Activate the FREQUENCY of Spirit

Last week, Kevin and I shared an exclusive meditation session with you — one using powerful questions to activate a “flow state”. (If you missed it, you can listen HERE….)

Today, I’m pleased to share with you the second “Weekly Message” in this exclusive series! Let’s explore together an “unusual,” often understood practice for tuning into the frequency of Spirit. In the next few minutes you’ll discover…

* A simple daily practice for tuning into the frequency of Spirit

* How to set up your personal space to magnify your sacred intentions

* Precisely what to use to create a powerful “energetic portal” in your home.

* The best position to attract exactly what you need, and how to use it most effectively

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– Kevin & Matt

P.S. We truly hope you enjoy this “Weekly Message” normally reserved for members of Spiritual Growth Monthly. If this resonates for you in any way, we would like to invite you into our “home” to receive further guidance, blessing and support. Click here to learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of Spiritual Growth Monthly membership: