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How to Uninstall Computer-Generated Stress

workplace_stressYou may have failed to see this, or you simply refuse to admit it but the computer in front of you has caused you more stress more than the two-hour traffic you encountered this morning, your nagging boss, your lack of sleep, the wrong coffee the barista gave you, and the unexpected engine crash your car gave you as a Christmas gift.

While this world seems not capable of existing without computers, we have to acknowledge the reality that computers actually exude stress in addition to heat and radiation. The stress brought about by using a computer and the programs installed in it can affect our lives in ways which may have already been permanently embedded in our systems, thus we fail in acknowledging them as actual stressors.

You may disagree with me but in my case, here’s how computers have stressed me out and what steps I do to overcome them.

1. Physical Stress 

There are days when I have no choice but to sit in front of the computer for three to four straight hours to catch up on a deadline and just imagine how much pain on my back, legs, buttocks, and fingers this can cause. To overcome this, I make it a point to stand up every twenty minutes or so, do some stretching or walk around for a few seconds, and go back to sitting again once I feel relieved. Also, I try to cushion my seat to sit more comfortably.

2. Eye Stress 

In addition to the parts of my body mentioned above, my eyes really suffer from too much computer usage. On worst days I would even wake up with eye strain or eye redness. To ease out the stress brought by computer use, I make it a point to arrange my work station in such a way that it is properly lit and I also adjusted my computer’s settinsg to make it more eye-friendly to me. In addition, I also take breaks from time to time to rest my eyes. And the last time I went to see my ophthalmologist, I requested computer glasses.

3. Emotional Stress 

In addition to physical stress, computer use also brings about emotional stress triggered by the job that we have to finish using the computer, the pressure, some contents or news we read online. For computer-related emotional stress, the best way to avoid them is time management, as in the case of the jobs that need to be finished using the computer. It’s best to do things days prior to the deadline to avoid burnout. Also, we can filter what enters our newsfeed and visit online sites that bring in positivity. After all, we can control what we want to see online.

4. Hardware and Software Problems

Of course nobody forgets that moment when after finishing everything, the computer suddenly restarts and later you realize that you haven’t saved anything at all. To avoid stress induced by computer malfunction, take time to purchase a good unit and have this checked by a technician regularly. Also, always save and backup your files and make sure that you have programs installed such as antivirus to avoid loss of important files or documents.

5. Time Consumption   

Spending your time in front of a computer all day doing your job is different compared with spending your day in front of it simply by playing games, doing some social media stuff, or reading about unnecessary things. In short, using the computer for non-productive things can induce stress not only to you but to others as well – your boss, your family, your colleagues. To avoid this stress, use the computer only when necessary and make sure you finish your responsibilities prior to accessing unnecessary websites. Don’t procrastinate.

Author Bio: Viola Jensen works in a BPO company. She loves yoga and running. Check her fitness insights at

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