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Top Four Things to Stop Wasting Time On

Watching tv is one of four things to stop wasting time onI¬†personally cannot stand wasting time. We only have a limited amount of time during the day, and a limited amount of time on this earth, so why would anyone want to waste their life? Now I’m not saying that we should all try to be working or productive 24/7, we all need to have fun sometimes, but there are so many lazy people in the world that they probably don’t even realize that they’re wasting their life, which they’ll regret when they get older. Here are some of the biggest ways people waste times:

1.) On The Internet– Don’t get me wrong here, I love the internet, and actually spend a lot of time on the internet. The difference between what I do and what I’m mentioning is that I try to spend my time on the internet as productive as possible. I do use it for non productive things sometimes, but I try to counter that with productivity by writing, reading, learning, and trying to add some supplement income like I’m doing right now by writing this. What I’m talking about here are the people that sit on all day, or play games, or things like this. I also use as I feel it’s important to keep in touch with people from the past, but I try not to waste any time on there. A good rule of thumb there is to not log in unless you want to message someone, or someone messaged you (sign up for email alerts).

2.) Television– This is probably the biggest waste of time in the history of humans. So many people waste so much time a day watching TV, and if you research what your brain activity looks like while you read, and while you watch TV, you’d be amazed. I do watch TV occasionally, but I have cut down on the amount of TV considerably, and I think I’d be better off if the cable was canceled, especially since if there’s anything I do want to watch, I can usually find it online.

3.) Video Games– Kids especially, waste so much time playing video games. I’ll admit, I used to play video games a good amount when I was Middle School, and early high school, but as I got older I realized they weren’t so fun anymore, and I’m glad I did. After living so long without them, I actually decided to try them again, and its just not the same. I’m really glad that I don’t find them fun anymore, as they’re such a huge waste of time. They can be fun, but I like to spend my “wasteful fun time” doing stuff with other people, or going outside or leaving the house

4.) Texting– People waste so much time on their cell phones. The same conversation taking place through text messages could be accomplished in about 30 seconds if you just called the person. The purpose of text messages were to tell someone a quick note like Don’t forget the meeting, but since people use it for full drawn out conversations, it’s just become a huge waste of money and time.

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