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Top 3 Hypnosis Relaxation Methods For You

hypnosis-relaxation-methodsHypnosis relaxation methods have been proven effective for different types of stress-related diseases, anxiety, weight loss, and addictions. Contrary to other people’s beliefs, hypnosis is not about taking over your consciousness in order to make you do things that you will not normally do. Hypnosis is about getting into a trance or hypnotic state in order to tap into your subconscious.

During hypnosis, you feel as if your mind and body are asleep but you are actually awake. In hypnosis relaxation methods, your subconscious will be focused on a single thing which will be driven by the suggestions. Suggestions are used in order to create positive visualizations during hypnosis. For example, if you are depressed because you feel worthless after a failed marriage, suggestions will help you get over the depression by focusing on moving forward and looking into the positive side.

There are different hypnosis relaxation methods. These are self-hypnosis, eye fixation induction, and two-finger hypnotic induction.

Self-hypnosis is one of the hypnosis relaxation methods wherein you can hypnotize yourself. This is a cheaper and more convenient method because you do not have to hire the services of a hypnotherapist. In self-hypnosis, you will have to take note of important things. First, identify a comfortable place and position for you. Comfort is important in achieving the hypnotic state. Second, choose a time when you will be left undisturbed. The best time will be when there will be no distractions. And third, prepare your suggestions. If you already have considered these important aspects, you can start self-hypnosis. You can make use of relaxing music and a trigger which will be your focus and key in entering the hypnotic state.

Eye fixation induction is all about focusing your eyes on a certain thing (e.g., a spot on the wall). Once you focus on the spot, you can let yourself relax until you feel the sensation of heaviness in your eyelids. When you inhale, think that it brings calmness and relaxation. And as you exhale, think that you are letting go of tension and stress. Continue with this process until you enter hypnosis.

Two-finger hypnotic induction is used for children. The child will have to position the tips of the little finger and first finger on the armchair while the middle and ring fingers are extended. Tell the child that the first finger and little finger have gone to bed on the armchair. Then the child will be asked to focus on the middle and ring fingers because these are getting tired and want to sleep, too. Ask the child to watch the two fingers go down the chair. Then suggest that as the fingers do this, the child will also feel his or her eyes closing.

These are the top 3 hypnosis relaxation methods.

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