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Tips For Knowing If You’re Making The Right Change

life-changes-500x300The best change is the kind that comes naturally. These shifts in life are inevitable and, while many times appearing scary on the surface, are always necessary in the long-run. However, you want to be careful to avoid forcing change. This isn’t about running away
from problems but rather running towards our growth and the fulfillment of our desires. This article is designed to help ease your worries and clarify whether or not the changes you are making are indeed for your benefit and growth.

It can be tricky trying to figure out if  you’re making the right change. To begin, ask yourself the following questions:

1) When I think about the change I’m making, what feelings come up for me? Excitement? Joy? Fear?

When it comes to visualizing, it’s important to trust the feelings you receive while you are envisioning the new plans in your life. If
you follow the teachings of Abraham Hicks or any other Law of Attraction teacher, you understand that your emotions are your
guidance system. Your “heartspace” is the vessel through which your soul communicates and guides you. We are meant to follow our heart by following our passions and our highest callings. This path will inevitably lead us towards change. If the vision you have and the choices you make generate feelings like excitement, anticipation, happiness, and joy, you can trust that you are on the right track.

2) Do things seem to be falling into place for me? Have I experienced any chance circumstances that have proved beneficial for me? Do I feel in the flow?

Synchronicities and miracles are a major way that the Universe indicates a big “thumbs up” for your choices. When you are going through changes that are necessary for your personal fulfillment, know that the right pieces and players will come into your life when
it is the right time. However, if you are experiencing change and it feels like a continual up-hill battle where nothing seems to be
working out, put your focus back into your heart and ask it what your next steps should be. Say, “What shall I do today, where shall I go, who shall I meet, and what shall I say?” Be open to whatever guidance and inspiration you receive. The Universe may be trying to
tell you to relax, there may be pieces that are still being put into play. You may even be inspired to take action that may seem unrelated to your vision. Only you can know what your soul is calling you to do. Just know that when the time is right, the pieces will fall into place and the change will feel natural and in the flow.

3) Can I envision a positive outcome with this change?

It’s important to be in touch with your creativity. Are you able to envision growth, benefit, or some other positive attribute with this
change? If so, you are most definitely on the way to receive it. Your imagination is your most powerful tool, we create with our very
thoughts! Go ahead and write down all the things that could go right with this change and take note of how you feel as you do this. If
you come up with several options of positive possible outcomes of this change, you can be sure that you are creating something
positive. However, if all you can envision is an undesirable outcome, you may be pushing too hard right now. Take a moment to sit with these questions, writing down your answers and any insights that come to you. Understand that all change can be scary, until we step into the unknown, it will always be the unknown. Be gentle with yourself, there is no need to rush this process and there is no need to do anything drastic. Handle your life’s changes with the care that is required when transplanting a tree. If you do anything too drastic and shock the little tree, you will end up killing it. However, if you are patient, calm, and make sure you keep as much of the original surrounding dirt and root system as possible, it is possible to move the tree in a whole new location successfully. Change can be a great thing and as long as you are following your heart, know that you cannot go wrong.

 Author Bio: Madeline Rinehart is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and QSCA Instructor, currently working with people internationally on how to apply the Law of Attraction to fulfill personal and professional desires, relieve stress, and reclaim inner peace and fulfillment. Madeline is the founder of where she partners with other companies such as Dream It Alive and Creative Vision Publications to help spread the knowledge and wisdom of Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Spirituality, and the power of the mind and human potential.  

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There’s always so many what it’s and uncertainties that can pop-up when you have to make changes in your life. These processes and questions will definitely help with that!

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